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• 1/25/2019


Does anyone else think TNS went downhill after season 3? I've been watching season 4 and the new characters and script are quite poor.

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• 1/9/2019
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• 12/22/2018

how do I change the poll?

I'd like to change the poll on the main page. how can I do that?

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• 12/19/2018

My Fanfiction

Hi! I am so sorry that I haven’t posted any fanfic in a while, and I won’t be posting any more, sorry :( whilst writing my season 7, I created a different Fanfiction in the back of my head, and soon this became my main creative focus. After Christmas, I will be posting my new Fanfiction series on my Instagram, @tnspics6. This does not continue off my other Fanfiction, it is a continuation from the REAL season 6.

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• 11/19/2018

Season 6 finale

What did you guys think of the season 6 finale?

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• 11/19/2018

My bday

I have the same bday as Trevor Tordjman(James)

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• 11/1/2018



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• 11/1/2018

I like cheese


Which is better
  • Chuck E Cheeses
  • McDonald's
  • Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
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• 11/1/2018

I made a new fanfiction!

Any requests? Examples:

Chloe Meets Caillou/Caillou goes into angry mode/ Chloe banned from homework

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• 10/24/2018

Layout of the building and unknown rooms

I have always wondered what the buildings floorplan looks like overall, and also, in the locker room there are two small passageways, what do you think these rooms lead to?

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• 9/30/2018

The Next Step

I wish that i could be with James (Trevor) as a boyfriend. My name is Katie Lloyd and i am The Next Step fan.

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• 9/17/2018

The Next Step

Jordon, i know you do not know me but did you go to St Aldates church in Oxford. Did you sing on stage. please let me know. By the way my name is Katie Lloyd and i am a fan of TNS.
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• 9/8/2018

New Trailer!

I’ve just watched the Season 6 regionals trailer on YouTube, what do you guys think of it?
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• 9/7/2018


i went to fazbears and the pizza was great what about yoy
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• 8/30/2018

What do you think will happen?

In the latest episode Emily explained that there in trouble as Noah is 18 and you have to be under 18 to compete in the intermediate advanced division at regionals, what do you think they will do?
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• 8/20/2018


What do you think about Amy joining AcroNation?
I think it was the right decision
What do you think about Amy joining AcroNation?
  • right decision
  • wrong decision
  • I dont know
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• 8/17/2018

Couples Poll

Who do you support
Who should Richelle date
  • Ozzchelle
  • Richelliot
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• 8/8/2018

Season six

Who else thinks that the next step are running out of things to do in the new season?!
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• 8/7/2018

Who you think would be together in the next step season 6

Loook ty and amy have great connection but with henry & amy no they are angry eggs.
Pick the good couple
  • Ty & Amy
  • Henry & Amy
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• 7/28/2018

My Fanfiction

If you have been reading my Fanfiction, you know that I’ve almost finished my season 6! I am already planning some stuff for a season 7 Fanfiction, and have a basic story for it. I would like to know what you guys might want to see in it for some extra storylines, so let me know!
Who do you want to see as the main character in the new Fanfiction?
  • Richelle, Amy and Summer
  • Kenzie, Ozzy and Kingston
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