"12 Hour Party People" is the 8th episode in Season 5 of The Next Step and the 142nd episode overall. It aired on July 21, 2017.


"TNS West throws a Dance-A-Thon to try and recruit a new member. Noah and Jacquie disagree on who their enemies are. Lola tries to get Richelle to lighten up."[1]


Kingston piper heather season 5 12h

Piper tells Heather that they are having the dance-a-thon for her.

The members of TNS West are preparing Studio A for the dance-a-thon as Piper brings Heather into the studio. She explains that they are trying to raise money for her to dance. Heather is incredulous that so many people now know about her monetary issues and tells Piper to stop insisting that she dance there. She leaves the studio, leaving Piper to wonder what they are going to do.

The dancers decide they should probably take down the decorations, but Michelle assures the dancers that it is still a worthwhile cause. The dancers decide that Michelle is right and that they can still put their pledges to good use. While most of the dancers received a fair amount of pledges, it is clear that Ozzy did not.

Screenshot (5445)

Ozzy attempts to get a pledge from Richelle.

Richelle is leading TNS East in warm-up exercises when Ozzy interrupts to ask the dancers for pledges, having forgotten to get any. Noah decides to put forward $5 since, regardless of what team he's on, it's toward a good cause. When nobody else volunteers a pledge, Ozzy flirtatiously approached Richelle for one, but is rejected. As Ozzy asks a final time for more pledges, Emily enters Studio 1, upset that one of Michelle's dancers is in her studio. When Emily asks, Josh reveals that Ozzy is trying to get pledges for the dance-a-thon and Emily offers Ozzy $10, so long as he leaves!

The dance-a-thon is about to begin for which the turnout is amazing, as even B-Troupers and J-Troupers are supporting the event. Michelle explains that they have to dance for 12 hours straight and that, if they stop, they are eliminated. People have donated money by the hour, so more dancing means more money. Piper has the most pledges and will therefore raise the most money depending on how long he dances. Kingston asks Piper whether she thinks he or Henry will raise the most money and, seeing as Henry has danced at the studio longer, Piper deems him the imminent victor. Kingston tries to sway Piper's opinion by showing her some contemporary partnering he has been practicing, but then disaster strikes: Piper accidentally slips and falls, spraining her ankle. Even though Piper has got the most pledges, Michelle forbids her to dance as to do so will make the injury worse.

A limping Piper approaches Heather in Neutral Grounds and asks her to replace her in the dance-a-thon. Although Heather is unresponsive at first, she eventually agrees after hearing about the scholarship fund. Heather and Piper return to Studio A, where Piper announces the news. With Piper replaced, Michelle and West perform a duet to commence the dance-a-thon. The timer set up in the studio begins counting up.

Screenshot (5701)

Kingston's legs give out after performing a flip, eliminating him from the dance-a-thon.

Three hours have passed and LaTroy soon pulls a muscle and is forced to stop dancing. At the four-hour mark, Noah brings in juice for the dancers, commencing a five-minute break. Noah brings Henry a drink, but he rejects it. Noah is confused, seeing as he believes Henry is dating Heather and should no longer be mad at him for pursuing Jacquie. A little after the five-minute break ends, Lola enters the studio with Richelle. Wanting Richelle to let loose, but knowing she would not concur, Lola lied to Richelle that Emily wanted her to scout dancers at the event. Ozzy tries to get Richelle to dance with him, which she refuses, although Lola convinces her to dance with Ozzy, knowing that Ozzy would help Richelle loosen up. Stunned that Richelle has agreed to dance with him, Ozzy freezes, and is promptly eliminated by Michelle! Eight hours pass, and the remaining dancers are getting very tired. Having assumed this would happen, Michelle has invited Eldon, James, John, Theo, Thalia and Riley to the dance-a-thon, and their arrival at that moment successfully re-energizes the dancers. Kingston performs a flip with the other guys, making his legs eventually give out, eliminating him from the dance-a-thon. Thalia, Riley, and Michelle are very complimentary of Heather's dancing, making her think that maybe she was too quick to judge the event. James sits beside Piper and commends her on her work on the dance-a-thon, as well as her work as dance captain, contenting Piper who is used to being compared to him.

Screenshot (5756)

The timer passes eleven hours and thirty minutes.

The timer indicates 11 hours and 30 minutes have passed, with Heather and Henry as the only dancers left standing. Emily enters and embraces Riley, who includes Michelle into the hug. Sensing the awkwardness, Riley rushes away. Emily offers Michelle a cheque, seeing as she wants their eventual competition against each other to be fair. With a few minutes left of the event, Jacquie enters the studio. Seeing Jacquie and Noah holding hands, Henry prepares to bow out, but Heather pulls him back in and they dance together for the last few seconds. The dance-a-thon ends with Heather and Henry tied for first place. As the onlookers applaud, the two fall to the ground from exhaustion.

The band performs a song, which everyone joins in to dance to. Noah, Lola, and even Richelle confess to having fun, wishing that TNS East was as enjoyable. Heather, dancing along with all these people, decides that she will join the team.




  • The competitors at the dance-a-thon are said to have to dance without stopping as to not be eliminated. However, a five-minute break takes place.
  • James tells Piper that he never could have organized something as big as the dance-a-thon, although he organizes the flash mob in "Just Dance," which is far bigger. (However, it could be argued that James is simply being modest.)

Production errors

  • A shot of LaTroy sitting out is seen far before he actually pulls a muscle and sits out.

Cultural references

  • The title of the episode alludes to a song called "24 Hour Party People" by Happy Mondays.




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