I got, like, a bad case of FOMO.

LaTroy to, Amy

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"A Fool in Love" is the 25th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 119th episode overall. It aired on November 11, 2016.


"Amy tries to help LaTroy deal with being alone at the farm. Cassie helps Skylar deal with her fear of talking to strangers. Riley asks James for some space to sort out her feelings for Alfie."[1]


Riley james season 4 afil

James tells Riley that he forgives her.

Riley is sitting in her office when James enters to speak to her. James assures Riley that he loves her (to which Riley assures James that she loves him too) and that he forgives her, as she forgave him when he kissed Beth. James tells Riley that he is willing to do whatever it takes to get through their situation. With James' hands in hers, Riley tells James that she needs to sort through it all, which James completely understands. Ultimately, Riley asks James for some space, which James promises to give her whenever she needs it. Riley is left in disbelief at James' forgiveness, and wonders if kissing Alfie was a mistake at all.

Michelle enters Riley's office after receiving a text message from her. Needing an outside perspective, Riley tells Michelle that while she loves James she also really likes Alfie. Michelle urges Riley to make a choice, which can be done after spending time with Alfie. Riley appreciates this advice, but realizes that she has to be honest with James about her intentions.

Latroy amy season 4 episode 25

LaTroy tells Amy that he has a bad case of FOMO.

In the Lounge, Amy video chats with LaTroy. LaTroy admits that, with his dad gone to get supplies, he is feeling lonely. He also proclaims that he is suffering from FOMO, or a fear of missing out. Amy realizes that she needs to do something to make LaTroy feel less lonely.

Cassie approaches Skylar at Java Junction, who is reading poetry in preparation for her cousin's wedding. Cassie notices that Skylar does not appear thrilled about the scenario, and asks Skylar why. Skylar reveals that this cousin of hers is from the side of the family that she doesn't know, which means that she will be speaking to strangers. While Cassie sees the prospect of meeting so many new people as a good thing, Skylar's fear of speaking to strangers makes her wary. Cassie wishes to help Skylar.

Henry amy season 4 episode 25

Henry tuts for LaTroy.

Amy introduces LaTroy to his first guest—Henry. In no time, the two begin tutting with each other as a form of communication, amusing LaTroy and Henry, but confusing Amy to the point that she leaves the two to tut alone.

James approaches Riley in Studio A after being beckoned by her. Riley dreads the conversation that is to come, but eventually tells James that she wants to spend time with Alfie in the hopes that whatever is happening between them will run its course. James suggests the possibility that it won't, although Riley tells James that she just wanted to be honest with him. James sarcastically thanks her for her honesty. As James turns to walk away, Riley assures James that she isn't breaking up with him. James says that he knows, but tells Riley that the next time she needs to talk to him she should text him as opposed to calling him in, as to not waste his time. James confesses that Riley is throwing away everything that they built, and everything that they are. As Riley watches James walk away, she confesses that it is hurting her to have to put him through the situation, but that it is the only way she will know for sure.

Latroy season 4 afil

LaTroy commends Michelle.

In the Rehearsal Room, Amy introduces LaTroy to his next guest—Michelle. Michelle performs a hip-hop solo for LaTroy to show him how much he has helped her improve. LaTroy confesses that being with his dad is great, but that watching Michelle dance makes him wish he were there. After Michelle signs off, Amy confesses that there is one more person she wants LaTroy to talk to, but that she is unsure if she can pull it off.

Cassie tells Skylar that an easy trick to use to speak to people is to use her ABCs; for example, Cassie asks Skylar if she has ever been to Albuquerque, then asks her if she like bears, then asks her if she likes cats. Skylar catches on and admits that Cassie's advice is great. Following suit, Skylar proclaims that she likes apples, causing Cassie to ask her what kind. Skylar panics and says that she likes brown apples, although Cassie assures her that once she has hit a topic of interest, she can ditch her ABCs. Cassie confesses that she and Skylar have only just started.

Sloane season 4 afil

Sloane realizes that Amy's request deals with LaTroy.

Amy attempts to ask Sloane to speak to LaTroy, but Sloane refuses. Amy tells her that LaTroy is lonely at the farmhouse, causing Sloane to assume that his dad has already bailed. Sloane tells Amy that she is tired of seeing LaTroy throw his life away for his dad. Amy tells Sloane that he is probably right, but asks her if she misses him. Sloane abruptly leaves without answering the question. Amy realizes that some things just aren't meant to be.

Alfie waits for Riley in the Lounge with his guitar. Riley enters and tells Alfie that she wants to spend some time with him, to which Alfie asks if James is aware of this. Riley tells Alfie that she told him. Alfie asks Riley how he reacted, and Riley simply responds that she is there. Alfie breaks into a smile and sits with Riley. Once seated, he plays her a song that he wrote for her just the night before. Riley confesses that her heart is beating like crazy. After the song, Alfie asks Riley to go out with him for dinner that night. Riley tells Alfie that she doesn't believe that to be a good idea; Alfie misunderstands this as Riley struggling to get over breaking up with James. Wishing to be honest, Riley tells Alfie that things between she and James aren't officially over. Alfie angrily gets up, but Riley asks him to sit down, as she was having fun. Alfie tells Riley that he isn't having fun and asks her to stop playing with his heart. He departs the Lounge, leaving Riley realizing that she has to do what is best for her.

Patricia skylar season 4 afil

Patricia offers Skylar a cookie.

Cassie tells Skylar to start a conversation with Patricia. Begrudgingly, Skylar tells Patricia that she would "like a conversation," irritating the busy woman. Skylar asks Patricia if she likes Artichokes—to which the answer is no—and if she's ever been to Berlin—to which the answer is also no. Finally, Skylar asks Patricia if she has any children; Patricia admits that she has a teenage daughter who is always on her phone for whatever reason, causing Skylar to reveal that she is usually texting, taking selfies, or using apps on her own phone. Patricia asks Skylar if she would like one of the cookies that is on the tray she is holding, and Skylar graciously takes one. Patricia resumes her duties as shop owner and Skylar realizes how fool-proof Cassie's method is.

Sloane season 4 afil 2

Sloane apologizes to LaTroy.

Not having the heart to tell LaTroy that Sloane didn't wish to speak to him, Amy lies that the last guest is herself. Despite the bluff, LaTroy figures that Amy wished to get Sloane to speak to him, but that Sloane refused. Just then, Sloane enters the Lounge after realizing that she does miss LaTroy. Amy leaves to let Sloane speak to LaTroy privately. Sloane ultimately apologizes to LaTroy and vice versa before the two sign off. Despite the conversation being awkward, Sloane confesses that it is a start.

Riley performs a solo, during which she imagines dancing with both James and Alfie. The dance exhibits Riley's struggle to choose between the two boys. At the end of the dance, Riley sits upon the ground. As she ponders, Emily enters the studio and tells Riley that she doesn't believe things are going well enough for her to be sitting down. The two embrace and Riley confesses that if there was ever a time she needed her sister, it is now.



  • James references Riley forgiving him for cheating on her with Beth which occurs during Season 2.
  • Emily coming in and hugging Riley after she danced in an attempt to figure out her feelings over James and Alfie is reminiscent of both of them doing the same in "Never Enough".

Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Ike Turner and Tina Turner.





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