"A Tale of Two Eldons" is the 9th episode in Season 5 of The Next Step and the 143rd episode overall. It aired on July 28, 2017.


"TNS West gets their tenth and final dancer. Unbeknownst to Emily and Michelle, Eldon agrees to choreograph for both studios. Jacquie and Lola battle over a solo."[1]


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Emily tells her team that a hip-hop section needs to be added to the routine.

Emily oversees TNS East's rehearsal of their dance battle routine as Michelle oversees TNS West's rehearsal of theirs. While Emily prides herself in the technicality of her routine and Michelle prides herself in the flashiness of hers, the two realize that their routines are missing the very style their opposing team has, especially since Kate will be choosing the winning team. Emily and Michelle simultaneously realize that Eldon is the perfect fix for their predicament.

Emily and Michelle insult each other about the other's routine in Neutral Grounds, both silently thinking they have an edge because they asked Eldon to choreograph. Michelle realizes that she needs to find her tenth dancer to compete against Emily. Elliot, a dancer who previously e-mailed Michelle about the team's open spot, arrives to audition. Michelle is admittedly unexcited to see him audition, as all previous auditions had been disappointing, but is pleasantly surprised by Elliot's skill, especially since he would be the only technical male dancer on her team. Elliot confesses that he has been dancing since the age of three. Michelle immediately makes Elliot a member of her team.

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Eldon confesses that he cannot let Michelle and Emily know that he is choreographing for both of them.

Eldon enters Studio 1 and meets with Emily. Since Eldon has ten minutes to kill, he goes to Neutral Grounds. Michelle approaches Eldon, glad that he is there early, as she had to cancel their evening rehearsal. Eldon realizes that he cannot let Emily or Michelle know that he is choreographing for the other at the same time.

Michelle introduces Elliot to his teammates, sure that he will get along with them. When Michelle leaves, Elliot introduces himself personally to each dancer, but candidly admits that he won't remember their names. He is also very unresponsive to Ozzy's handshake. When Elliot learns that Kingston learned how to dance in his basement, Elliot is not receptive to having to dance on the same team as him. His teammates are astounded by his poor attitude. Michelle returns, wondering why Eldon is not in the studio yet. Eldon is in Studio 1, watching the girls of TNS East freestyle, as he wants one of them to have a solo section. Eldon gets distracted by multiple text messages from Michelle and leaves after deeming Lola the soloist. Jacquie is angry about the decision, believing herself more deserving.

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Eldon tells the dancers that he has to go.

Eldon finally arrives to Studio A. When Eldon returns to Studio 1, Richelle is overseeing TNS East's rehearsal. He merely tells the team to brainstorm some more ideas before hurriedly returning to Studio A again. Eldon continues to switch between the two studios and becomes increasingly confused. In Studio 1, Eldon tells Lola to step forward but is confused, having thought Jacquie's name was Lola. Lola is left incredibly embarrassed that she doesn't have the solo after all, and exits the studio in tears. While Jacquie wanted the solo, she confesses that she didn't want to get it this way.

Piper struggles to lead TNS West in rehearsal. Elliot asks Piper why Ozzy is in the front row, although referring to him as "the squirt," followed by "Fozzy" and "Fuzzy". Elliot suggests that Piper move Kingston (who he dubs a mere basement dancer) and Ozzy (who he misnames as Fozzy again) to the back and himself to the front. Piper, not knowing what to do, calls a break. Meanwhile, Jacquie finds Lola in the locker room and comforts her.

Eldon is finally able to relax in Neutral Grounds, but is confronted by an unimpressed Michelle and Emily, who have deduced what he has been doing. Not knowing how to respond, Eldon runs away. Michelle and Emily find themselves complimenting the other for thinking to get Eldon to choreograph for them, but quickly stop and part ways.

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Piper tells Elliot that the team is like a unicorn.

Piper tells Elliot that the team is inclusive and special, like a unicorn. Elliot, piggybacking off the analogy, says that it's no wonder that Michelle chose a child to be dance captain. Elliot confesses that the team needs a lot more work than he thought, and that it's a good thing he is there. Elliot tells Piper that sometimes dead wood needs to be cut in order to win, then leaves her to sit alone in shock. Piper confesses that he has got to go.


  • With the new inclusion of Elliot onto the team, TNS West has a full team.
  • Heather has been added into the opening sequence.



  • Emily accuses Michelle of criticizing her routine by saying that she cannot do contemporary, but she can do the style. In fact, Michelle is a contemporary dancer, and a far superior one to Emily.
  • When running between studios, Eldon asks where Jacquie is, meaning that he knows who she is. Contradictory to this, he later on is not aware that there is a Jacquie.
  • Elliot tells Michelle that he does not do hugs twice, but does not object whatsoever to Eldon's suggested group hug and willfully takes part in it.

Cultural references

  • The title of the episode alludes to a song called "A Tale of Two Cities" by J. Cole and the classic novel A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.





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