Absolute Dance is the worldwide dance competition franchise that hosts Regionals, Nationals and Internationals. It has been running the Absolute Dance competitions since 1998.

The Absolute Dance franchise is one that grows with time, eventually hosting qualifiers for studios to be able to compete at Regionals.[1] Absolute Dance also eventually promotes its franchise by having a "Face of Absolute Dance".[2]


Absolute Dance was founded sometime prior to 1998, when it held its first ever Regional, National and International dance competitions.

At some point, Absolute Dance presumably formed a partnership with the SNR Network, allowing them to broadcast their competitions to the masses.



Richelle forcing Kenzie to take a picture of her.

Little is known of Absolute Dance itself, barring the fact that it is responsible for organising its eponymous competitions. The franchise seems to receive significant funding, as it is able to produce more than sixty competitions a year in Canada alone,[3] and is able to offer a cash prize to its Regional champions (at least in Region 7[4]).

Starting at an unknown time, Absolute Dance begins to select a "face" of the brand for each region of Canada. Richelle is named the Face of Absolute Dance for Region 7 in 2017;[2] according to her, this means that she must stay incredibly active on social media and is expected to make regular appearances at workshops and conventions, though this could be an exaggeration considering how much the position goes to her head.[5]

Known employees







Miss Angela bribing Curtis.

  • Absolute Dance merchandise is sold at Regionals, Nationals and Internationals.
  • Absolute Dance is an entirely fictional competition franchise.
  • The size and power of Absolute Dance as a company is unclear - though implied,[6] it is uncertain whether Absolute Dance endorses every Regional and National competition held around the world, as this would mean that one company is responsible for organising thousands of competitions across the world each year.
  • As of Season 7, Miss Angela is on probation from Absolute Dance for at least one dance season,[7] due to attempting to bribe a judge at Regionals.[8]


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