Letters are sent by the Internationals Board to all of the teams that compete at Internationals.


Episode Purpose Quoted message
"Coming Home?" To inform the dancers of the competition's location, and of the corresponding exchange program Unknown
"I'm Your Captain" To tell the dancers to declare their team's Dance Captain "At Internationals you'll have to work as a team. But, you won't get far without a leader. Declare your captain and you'll be one step closer to Miami."
"Sweet Spot" To inform the dancers of a duet that will be needed if a tie arises at the competition "Any round that ends in a tie will be decided by a duet battle."
"Square Dance" To inform the dancers about hotel accomodations Unknown
"Never There" To inform the dancers of a required 5 person dance Unknown
"Cry Me a River" To inform the dancers of a required 2-7 person dance. Unknown