It was... spectacular. Like nothing I've ever seen.

Emily, to Richelle, "Coming Home?"

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Absolute Dance Nationals (or simply Nationals) is a qualifying competition after Absolute Dance Regionals, produced by the fictional SNR Network, in which studios within a single country that have won their respective regional competitions compete for a national title, as well as a chance to go to Absolute Dance Internationals. The first ever Absolute Dance Nationals competition took place in 1998.

This article focuses on the competitions that take place in Canada unless otherwise stated.


All of the winning Regionals teams from across the country compete. At the Nationals competition that takes place in the series, there are sixty-four studios in total. Like Regionals, after each round, half of the studios are eliminated but unlike Regionals, there are no points given and there is no wildcard. As opposed to the entire team competing in each round, select member(s) are picked depending on the nature of each round. The loser and his/her team are eliminated. The entire team dances in the semi-finals and finals.


  • All teams must have 10 dancers, and are permitted to have 2 alternates.
  • Although costumes are not mandatory nor scored, marks are taken off if a studio enters the stage without costumes.[1]


A known rule is that any team may have 12 dancers, 2 of which are alternates. Although, there is no written rule that a dancer cannot be on more than one team. Since such a rule was taken advantage of at the 17th annual National competition, Sandra professes that the rules will be tightened up the following year.[2]


List of competitions

Fun facts

  • The Absolute Dance Nationals was filmed in the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, Ontario


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