It takes blood, sweat, and tears to win Regionals.

Kate, "Get the Party Started"

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The Absolute Dance Regional Championships (or simply Regionals) is a competition in which all of the studios within a single region compete against each other for a chance to compete at Absolute Dance Nationals. The first ever Absolute Dance Regionals competition took place in 1998, and has been broadcast on the SNR Network for an unknown amount of time.



The competitive formula of Regionals competitions has changed consistently since the 17th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals, using a new format each year - though each competition has consistently featured a ten-person dance in the finals, along with some kind of knock-out round.

The first known competition features a 24-team knock-out competition using the same ten-person routine up until the finals, when a different routine is used; it is implied that this format has been used at least once before.[1] Another competition features 6 rounds, with two being a form of second-chance round that a team would perform in if they did not win a previous round; this includes solos, quartets, trios, duets, small groups and, once again, a ten-person finals dance.[2] The most recent Regionals competition includes 4 main rounds; a hip-hop small group, a contemporary small group, a ballet duet and the finals. After the first three rounds, the points are counted and the top three teams advance to the finals, where a ten-person routine is performed to determine the winner.[3]


  • All teams must have ten dancers, and are also permitted to have two alternates - though this is not mentioned until Season 4. However, it is implied that this is possible in Season 1 when West dances for Seeds.[4]
  • As of the 18th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals, all teams wishing to attend Regionals must compete in some kind of pre-competitive qualifying round in order to compete.[5][6]
  • As of the 19th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals, competing teams are divided based on age; if all dancers on a team are under the age of 18, they compete in the Intermediate Advanced Division, but if there are any over that age, the entire team is moved to the Senior Advanced Division, supposedly a much older and harder competition.


One of the rules indicates that a team must win a Regional competition to advance to Nationals, but it is never specified that the team must win the competition held in their region, meaning that a team could compete at any Regionals based on how far they are willing to travel. By extension, there seems to be no rule against a team entering multiple Regional competitions until they win.[7]

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