The 17th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals in Region 7 is set in Season 1 from "I'm So Excited" to "Winner Takes All". The competition takes place in 2015.

The SNR Network coverage of the event is hosted by Chuck Anderson, alongside Stacey Tookey.

The winner is The Next Step Dance Studio.


Twenty-four studios compete in total, and each round features one-on-one competition between the featured studios; two teams perform a ten-person dance, and the team with the higher score moves on. This means that twelve teams are eliminated in the first round, six are eliminated in the second round, and finally, in the quarter-final round, three are eliminated. Since four studios must compete in the semi-finals to ensure that two teams remain, a wildcard is chosen from the previously eliminated teams with the highest scores. The four teams are reduced to two, who compete one-on-one in the finals with a new group dance, and one of them wins the competition. The scores of the dances are announced in every round except the finals.



  1. Italicized teams are the victors
  2. (The numbers in brackets are the scores)
  3. The underlined team is the wildcard team

Round One

This round takes place between "I'm So Excited" and "Fancy Footwork."

  • The Next Step Dance Studio (86) vs. Annex Dance Academy (84)
  • Seeds Street Crew (88) vs. Body Bump Dance (83)
  • ConfiDance vs. CDC[Note 1]
  • Shimmy Shenanigans (83) vs. Twist and Shout (84)
  • Dance Inc. (86) vs. Dance Capoeira (85)
  • Elite Dance Academy (91) vs. Step/s in Time (81) 
  • Art & Soul Dance Company vs. Snake Arms Studio 
  • Dance Troupe (unknown) vs. Allegro School of Dance (83)
  • Dance Core vs. Dance World
  • Alcoba Dance Studio vs. The Dance Company

Unknown results

  • Move to Groove vs. Move It Move It
  • Kick Up Your Heels vs. Jump 4 Joy

Round Two

This round takes place in "Fancy Footwork."

  • The Next Step Dance Studio (87) vs. Allegro School of Dance (82)
  • Elite Dance Academy vs. Twist and Shout[Note 2]
  • Art & Soul Dance Company vs. Unknown
  • Seeds Street Crew vs. Alcoba Dance Studio
  • ConfiDance vs. Unknown
  • Dance Inc. vs. Dance World

Round three

This round takes place in "Fancy Footwork."

  • The Next Step Dance Studio (84) vs. Dance Inc. (85)
  • Art & Soul Dance Company (unknown) vs. Elite Dance Academy (94)
  • Seeds Street Crew (88) vs. ConfiDance (unknown)

The Next Step Dance Studio is awarded the wildcard spot over Art and Soul Dance Company and ConfiDance, taking them into the semi-finals.


This round takes place in "This Is How We Do It."

  • Elite Dance Academy (unknown) vs. Dance Inc. (unknown)
  • Seeds Street Crew (91) vs. The Next Step Dance Studio (93)


This round takes place in "Winner Takes All."

  • Elite Dance Academy vs. The Next Step Dance Studio

The Next Step Dance Studio's Regionals Team

  1. Emily
  2. Michelle
  3. James
  4. Riley
  5. Tiffany
  6. Giselle
  7. Chloe
  8. Eldon
  9. Stephanie
  10. West


  • Most of the dance studios that compete in this competition are real dance studios in Ontario.
  • Alcoba Dance Studio, a studio never shown performing, may have been named in reference to Alejandro Alcoba, the story coordinator for Season 1 of The Next Step.[2]
  • According to a large banner over the main entrance of the venue, the 17th Annual Regionals in Region 7 takes place from Friday to Sunday, though no month or dates are given.


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  1. According to the scoreboard, ConfiDance is in the same bracket as The Dance Company and CDC is in the same bracket as Alcoba Dance Studio. However, Chuck Anderson later proclaims that as a result of ConfiDance's win, CDC is eliminated. Presuming that Alcoba and The Dance Company competed against each other instead of the actual studios in their brackets, the scoreboard shows that The Dance Company is eliminated, meaning Alcoba would have advanced to the second round.
  2. Shimmy Shenanigans is shown to have been eliminated in the first round, meaning that since Twist and Shout is in the same bracket, they must have advanced. According to the scoreboard, the next team that Twist and Shout face should be Elite Dance Academy, meaning that it is likely that they were eliminated by Elite in this round. Similarly, Dance Core is shown to have been eliminated, meaning that Dance World must have advanced and been eliminated by Dance Inc.


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