The 18th Annual Regionals qualifiers consisted of three separate competitions that precede the 18th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals. Only the 8 teams that qualify in one of these competitions can attend Regionals.


Unlike at the 17th Annual Regionals, there is a qualifying round in order for teams to be able to compete at the 18th Annual Regionals, since only eight teams are allowed to attend.

First qualifier

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The first qualifier is a trio competition. The 4 highest scoring trio's were awarded with a spot at the Regionals competition.

Known competitors

Qualifying teams

  1. Gemini Dance Studio[Note 1]
  2. Dance Extreme
  3. Rythum Plus Dance Company
  4. Unknown studio
  5. Unknown studio

Second qualifier

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The second qualifier is a quintet competition. The 3 highest scoring quintet routines were awarded with a spot at Regionals. Furthermore the studio who got the highest score were able to poach a dancer from a rival team. Although uncomfirmed, the winning studio can only poach dancers from the other competiting teams thus meaning any team that doesn't compete in this specific qualifier but wanted to go to Regionals cannot lose a dancer.

Known competitors

Qualifying teams

  1. Gemini Dance Studio
  2. Unknown studio
  3. Unknown studio

Third qualifier

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The third and final qualifier is a duet competition. Only the sole highest scoring duet qualified. Though this specific qualifier is decided by a tie-breaker Solo round.

Known competitors

Qualifying team

  1. The Next Step Dance Studio


  1. Gemini later gives up their win from the first qualifier in order to attend the second qualifier|second one and win.
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