The 19th Annual Absolute Dance Regional Championships in Region 7 is set in Season 6 from "No Shell" to "Piano Man". It takes place in 2017.

The SNR Network coverage of the event is hosted by Giselle Bellamy and Chuck Anderson.

The winner is The Next Step Dance Studio.

All studios who wished to compete had to submit a qualifier video, the best of which were chosen to attend Regionals. The exceptions were Gemini Dance Studio, who qualified automatically after winning Internationals, and AcroNation, who won the wild card spot.[1]


As with Region 7's previous Regionals, a qualifier precedes this competition. However, this time the qualifier is a video that must be submitted to a panel of judges, who pick the ones they deem adequate enough to warrant a spot at Regionals. As they won the 18th Annual Absolute Dance Internationals, Gemini Dance Studio automatically qualifies for this competition.[2] Unlike the other studios, AcroNation qualifies for Regionals after winning the wildcard spot at the Absolute Dance WildStylz Convention.[1]

The 19th Annual Regionals is the first known competition to divide the competing studios based on age. Twelve studios have at least one dancer over the age of 18, meaning they have to compete in the Senior Advanced Division; the remaining studios compete in the Intermediate Advanced Division.[3][4]


Intermediate Advanced Division

Senior Advanced Division



From AcroNation, Adrian, Amy, Priya and Ty perform a group dance and win 80 points.

From The Next Step, Finn, Henry, Jacquie, Kenzie, Noah and Summer perform a group dance and win 90 points.[4]


From AcroNationAdrianAmyPriyaSimone and Ty perform a group dance.

From The Next Step, Kingston, Noah, Ozzy, Piper and Summer perform a group dance and win 80 points.[4]


From AcroNation, Amy and Simone perform a duet.

From The Next Step, Noah and Richelle perform a pas de deux.[4]

Qualifying teams

  1. Encore Dance Studios
  2. AcroNation
  3. The Next Step Dance Studio

Ten-person dance (finals)

AcroNation, Encore Dance Studios and The Next Step Dance Studio perform a ten-person routine in the final round.

The winner is Encore Dance Studios, but due to Miss Angela copying a routine and attempting to bribe a judge, they are disqualified.[5]


The Next Step and AcroNation perform a ten-person routine in the tie-breaker round. The winner is The Next Step, meaning they have qualified for Nationals.[6]


All 10 dancers in a dance troupe (and their alternates) have to be under the age of 18 to perform in the Intermediate Advaced Division at Regionals. If they have even one dancer over 18, they have to compete in the Senior Advanced Division.[3]

After each team performs in all three rounds (Hip-hop, Contemporary and Ballet), the top three teams qualify for the finals.

If there is a tie after the finals, the two teams who tie must create a new ten-person dance within two hours. The winner becomes the champion of Regionals.[6]

The Next Step Dance Studio's team

  1. Finn
  2. Henry
  3. Jacquie
  4. Kenzie
  5. Kingston
  6. Noah
  7. Ozzy
  8. Piper
  9. Richelle
  10. Summer


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