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Adam is Josh's younger brother who plays single A hockey.   


Before the show

Adam danced for a time, but eventually stopped.[1]

Adam started playing hockey and eventually moved on to triple A.[2]

Season 5

Adam moves with his family to the city, in the hopes of improving his hockey skills so that he can one day go pro.[3][4]

When Josh still hasn't come to the car to go with him and his parents to his hockey banquet, Adam takes it upon himself to enter Studio A and question him. When Josh assures him that they can go with out him, Adam reminds him that the banquet is four hours long, but ultimately concedes.[5]

Adam is elated at making it onto the Springfield Coyotes, but notifies Josh that this means that the whole family will have to move up north.[6] He is dejected at his ultimate cut from the team and more so hurt that Josh never told any of his friends about his accomplishment of making it onto an triple A hockey team at all.[1] Adam eventually comes to terms with his situation and joins a single A hockey team.[7]


Adam is a driven individual with a clear wish to professionally pursue hockey. The extent of this drive can result in Adam being hard on himself.

Adam is quite cocky and, at times, brash. Despite having a background in dance himself and showing this off to others,[1] Adam is very dismissive of the activity and frequently belittles Josh for it.

Physical appearance


Like his older brother, Josh, Adam has light skin and brown hair. Although, he is much shorter and slimmer.


Adam's attire is very casual, comprised of hoodies, t-shirts, and sweatpants in block and neutral colours. He wears a grey suit on one occasion, for a hockey banquet.[5]



  • Hip-hop: Adam is a proficient hip-hop dancer.



  • Hockey: Adam is excellent triple A hockey player who is predicted to eventually go pro.[4]


The Off Season: Season 1

Season 5




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