This article is about the song by Heather Fox. You may be looking for the song by Robbie Graham-Kuntz, the Martina Sorbara version, the remix or the Season 4 song. You can find the disambiguation page here.
"Addicted 2 U" is a song from Season 1 of The Next Step.

This is A-Troupe's original song for their Regionals routine.


Addicted to you (x4)

You're the hook in my favorite song
You're the rhythm that drives me along
Gotta turn you up to turn me on
It's magnetic, I get it
I don't want it to ever stop

Addicted to you, to you
There's nothing that I want, want to
To see you

I'm so addicted to you, to you
I only really want to, want to
Be near you

I'm the light on at your place
I'm a bird on the wire
I'm as hard as I try, yes I try
To forget you
I can't get you out of my mind

I need you like candy
I need you like...
Addicted to you, to you, to you
And everything that you do
to show me what you're all about
I want you, want you to walk over me

I need you like candy (x3)

Addicted to you (I need you like candy) [x2]
I need you like (x2)
Addicted to you
There's nothing that I can do about it

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