Alfie develops several relationships before and during his time on the show.


The King and Queen of Switzerland

Alfie's parents are the king and queen of Switzerland. Alfie's relationship with his parents has not been dealt with at length; considering Alfie's nature he probably cares for them, but his initially deviance at returning to Switzerland indicates otherwise.



Alfie becomes acquainted with Noah before the auditions for A-Troupe.[1] From there, he becomes friends with Noah.


Alfie frequently confides in Henry, especially about his relationship with Riley. Between this advisory and their shared likeness for each other, Alfie has come to be very good friends with Henry.


Alfie comforts Amy after her break-up with LaTroy.[2]


Swiss Ambassador

"You're just wonderfully truthful, aren't you?"
Alfie to The Swiss ambassador [src]

Alfie appears to have great respect for the ambassador to his country. Anytime they do not see eye to eye, it is usually because she is regurgitating orders from his parents rather than herself directly.



Seeing as James is the only potential obstacle in the way of his relationship with Riley, Alfie does not particularly like James.

Although, Alfie somewhat makes amends with James when James visits him in Bern and convinces him to dance in the finals at Absolute Dance Regionals.[3]

Love interests


"I'd wait forever if I knew Riley would come. But, in my heart, I know it's over. "
Alfie [src]

Alfie becomes instantly enamoured by Riley while watching perform at Absolute Dance Internationals. When he arrives at The Next Step Dance Studio and sees Riley he is immediately flustered and feels an insatiable need to speak to her. He introduces himself to her and is delighted at the possibility of dancing on the same team as her. Although, Alfie is downtrodden to discover that Riley's duet partner at Internationals, James, is actually her boyfriend.[4]

Riley alfie season 4 r 8

Alfie celebrates being able to stay at the studio with Riley.

Alfie grows closer to Riley when she discovers that he is a prince and, having been noticed, will have to return home. He is eternally grateful when Riley is able to convince the ambassador to let him stay at the studio.[5]

As time progresses, Alfie's attraction to Riley grows. Unable to hide his feelings any longer, Alfie eventually admits to Riley that he likes her romantically. He is hopeful of their future together when Riley confirms her feelings for him, but is rejected, seeing as Riley has a boyfriend and is the studio head.[6] Despite these two apparent obstacles and advice not to make a move on Riley from Henry, Alfie does not back down in his quest for Riley's heart. Alfie meets Riley in Studio A one night and sings and plays a song for her. Upon the end of his performance, Alfie kisses Riley.[7]

Alfie is confused to find Riley avoiding him, despite the romantic moment he shared with her. Even with both Piper and James finding out about the kiss, Alfie never feels an ounce of guilt, which he claims to James is because he loves Riley.[8]

After Riley breaks up with James, Alfie's romantic relationship with Riley slowly becomes official. Alfie asks Riley out on their first date, which he hosts in Studio A. Alfie flies in caviar from France, hires an official violinist, and gets Sloane (since she is French) to be waitress for their date. Unknowing that Riley had a similar date with James when they were a couple, he is confused at Riley's negative response. When Piper reveals this information to Alfie, he decides he has to save the date. He finds Riley in The Lounge, where he reads her French poetry and kisses her.[9]

Alfie grows upset when Riley continuously calls him James, and goes on a date she proposes to make it up to him.[10] The date goes horrendously and his relationship with Riley begins to suffer, as it appears the spark the couple once shared has gone out. Wishing to reignite the spark he had with Riley, Alfie proposes that Riley meet him at the airport and they go on a surprise trip. Alfie waits at the airport for Riley for hours and, knowing that their relationship is done when she never shows up, is heartbroken.[11] Alfie does not resent Riley however, and eventually realizes that he has to get over her.[3] After deciding to dance with The Next Step at Regionals, Alfie attempts to speak to Riley but is interrupted by the twins, leaving what he means to say to her unknown.[2]


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