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Allison is a member of the debate team that Michelle was formerly a part of.


Before the show

Allison joined the debate team.

Season 2

Allison offers Michelle a place on the debate team after her teammate, Cleo is unable to be attend due to the spraining of their esophagus.[1]

Allison participates in the debate. She is incredibly impressed with Michelle's performance, so much so, that she invites Michelle to go out for pizza after their win.[1]


Alison is a friendly, somewhat talkative individual. She is quick to provide compliments if one is deserving of them

Allison can be quite dismissive, as she quickly shoos away the topic of Cleo's injury when attempting to replace her.

Physical appearance


Allison is small in stature. She has long light brown hair, fair skin, and hazel eyes.


Allison wears a denim jacket, a blouse, a purple mini-skirt, and brown high-heels during the debate team practice. During the formal debate, she sports a white long-sleeved shirt and a dark blue skirt.




  • Debating: Allison is a talented debater.


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Season 2


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