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Amanda trans
When you were at Elite and you first
came to The Next Step, I was scared
of you. I was scared because... you
were so smart. It's like you know what
other people are thinking and you know
exactly what to say and when to say it.
Before you, all I did was just stick my foot
in my mouth. Now, if I don't know what to
say, I just think: what would Amanda say?
And all is good in the world.

Noah, "How Deep Is Your Love"

Amanda D.[6]  is a contemporary dancer who is on world tour with a dance company.

Amanda is initially the stringent dance captain of Elite Dance Academy. After the studio's Regionals loss, she joins A-Troupe in the hopes of infiltrating them from the inside, under the guise of contrition.[7] Although the plan works and Amanda returns to Elite, Amanda later realizes that she belongs at The Next Step.[8]

Although Amanda is now genuinely a changed person whose loyalty lies with The Next Step, her allegiance continues to be questioned; Amanda is sent to Sweden on the exchange program for Internationals, making her an alternate.[9]

Disillusioned by the distrust and sidelining she has experienced, Amanda wonders if The Next Step is still her home. Amanda jumps at the opportunity to audition for a tour with Giselle, missing A-Troupe auditions in favor of it.[10] To her chagrin, Amanda does not make it onto the tour and is barred from auditioning for A-Troupe.[11] All hope appears to be lost until Riley replaces Kate as a studio head, and Amanda is given the empty spot on A-Troupe.[12] The dance season finally seems to be going in her favor, until Amanda is faced with the opportunity to go on tour with Giselle so long as she opts out of dancing in the finals at Regionals.[13] Believing her team to be too important for her, Amanda decides not go on tour, but, in a cruel twist of fate Amanda is taken out of the routine.[14]

Amanda becomes a teacher for J-Troupe, but eventually is able to finally go on tour with Giselle.[5][15]


Before the show

Amanda joined Elite Dance Academy and eventually became the dance captain.[16] She attended Absolute Dance Regionals at least thrice, and won the competition with her team three times. She was the female soloist at the 16th Absolute Dance Nationals competition, but lost.[17]

At an unknown time, Amanda dated James.[16]

Season 1

While rehearsing with her team one day, Amanda hears a phone beep and notices that somebody is spying on them.[18] After consulting Lucien, she allows this girl to audition.[19]

When Emily joins the studio, Amanda endlessly picks on her. She hatches a plan with Lucien in which Emily will be kicked out of the studio right before Regionals. Amanda begins treating Emily better and eventually moves her to the front row to avoid suspicion but, before the plan can be put into fruition, Emily quits.[20]

At Regionals, Amanda ridicules The Next Step and brings Emily to tears.[21] Amanda is infuriated when her team loses to The Next Step, especially due to how sure she was that her team would succeed.[7]

Season 2

Amanda creates a plan with Lucien in which she will join The Next Step to take it down from the inside and ensure that they do not make it to Nationals.[22] As the first part of the plan, Amanda pretends to cry as Lucien pretends to kick her out of Elite at the mall.[23]

Amanda s2 audition

Amanda auditions for A-Troupe.

Amanda is permitted to audition for A-Troupe by Kate after Michelle approaches her having seen Amanda's show, and makes it onto the team.[23] To avoid suspicion, Amanda befriends Thalia and Giselle and attempts to befriend Emily, although she isn't as easy to convince. When Lucien finds a loophole in the rules, she participates in a Regionals competition in another region with her team. She and her team win the competition, effectively allowing them to qualify to Nationals and get another chance to beat The Next Step.[24]

After Emily seemingly reverts to her old ways, Amanda gains captaincy over the troupe.[25] Emily confronts her with the knowledge that she is really a double-agent and tells Amanda that she won't blow her cover if she is able to join her.[26] Skeptical but not wanting to get caught, Amanda hesitantly lets her join, but only if Emily breaks up with Hunter. Emily complies,[27] and Amanda, now officially trusting her, lets Emily take part in her crimes against the studio. Amanda becomes suspicious of Emily, though, when all of her plans somehow backfire.

West Emily Amanda Kate Giselle season 2 episode 25

Amanda admits that the only reason she is at The Next Step is to make sure they do not get to Nationals.

Amanda enlists Emily to help her steal the Nationals money and frame Chloe. Wary of Emily, Amanda removes the key from Chloe's bag and plants it in Emily's when she is alone. When, as suspected, Emily accuses Amanda of committing the crime, Kate checks Emily's bag and finds the key that Amanda planted, resulting in Emily's suspension from the studio.[28] Although, Amanda reveals her true intentions when Chloe and Riley realize that Amanda actually did steal the money and tell this to the rest of the troupe. She is humored because, even though her cover is blown, her plan still worked; after her departure, the team is left with 9 dancers thus making them ineligible for Nationals.[29]

When Amanda sees The Next Step at Nationals she admits that she underestimated them.[30] Elite continues to try and tamper with the team, but Amanda decides against it because, now that she is actually at Nationals, she wants to win fairly.

What are you waiting for

Amanda looks down, upset with Tess and Lucien's assertion.

She is insulted and angered when she overhears Lucien and Tess talk about how they "took care of Michelle" and begins to realize that her team doesn't have faith in her. She goes on-stage and performs, hoping that Michelle will come back in time. She is relieved when Michelle makes it back in time, but Michelle beats her, meaning that Elite has to go home. As Amanda leaves the stage, she notifies Michelle that she had nothing to do with Tess and Lucien's plan and also apologizes, realizing that she has wronged the team too much.[17]

Amanda feels incredibly bad when Emily injures herself, believing that she and her team don't deserve it. Amanda steps in for her so that The Next Step can dance at finals. She admits that she has come to like the team and that they are her true friends and helps them win.[8]

Season 3

Amanda riley season 3

Amanda prepares to face Tess.

Although Amanda's loyalty now lies with The Next Step, she still feels distrusted and burdened. When faced against Tess in the dance battle, Amanda beats her, earning her a spot on the Internationals team as well as The Next Step's trust.[31] Amanda is enlisted as a part of a trio alongside Thalia and Giselle. When she returns to practice after having left to help with her family's barbecue, she finds Max in her position, performing acro moves she is unable to do. Kate tells Amanda that she has been officially replaced by Max for the trio. This hurts her and she begins to feel as though she is now one of the worst dancers.[32]

Her self-esteem takes another hit when she is chosen to go to Sweden because, according to Kate's implication, she is a weak dancer. Consequently, Amanda becomes an alternate, meaning that she will not be featured in any of the troupe's routines unless somebody gets injured.[9]

Amanda season 3 imp

Amanda discovers that Michelle is the second alternate.

Amanda returns from Sweden, having been taught a lot of new things from the country's team. She is flattered when she finds that a surprise party has been thrown in honour for her return. At the party, Amanda realizes just how much she missed at the studio during her absence, and is shocked to discover that Michelle is the second alternate. When talking to Michelle, Amanda reveals that The Next Step doesn't stand a chance at Internationals, because the Swedish team is phenomenal and will easily beat them.[33] She must have underestimated her team, because The Next Step eventually wins the competition, beating Sweden.[34]

Season 4

Unsure if A-Troupe is even the right place for her, Amanda decides to tag along with Giselle and audition for a touring dance company, but also wishes to audition for A-Troupe.[10] On the day of A-Troupe auditions, Amanda is at the auditions for the tour with Giselle.[11] Amanda ultimately misses her A-Troupe audition and also doesn't get onto to the tour because Giselle does; when she asks Kate if she can audition, Kate refuses.[11]

Amanda season 4 2

Amanda hesitantly greets her teammates.

Amanda decides that she has to leave the studio, but gains newfound hope when Riley's promotion to studio head leaves an open spot on A-Troupe.[35] Amanda gets the final spot, and although she is excited, she isn't exactly met with hospitality.[12] Amanda realizes that she has to prove herself all over again.

Amanda realizes how great of a musician Noah is and collaborates on a song with him. After he presents her with a dance choreographed by James, West, and Eldon just for her, Amanda realizes that she has feelings for him.[36] The magnitude of Amanda's crush on Noah only escalates. When asked by Noah to help him choose an outfit for a family gathering, Amanda is taken aback by Noah's muscles, and after she is awarded with a pie from Noah after she successfully picks an outfit for him, she only becomes more aware of her feelings for him.[37]

Noah amanda season 4 kmky

Amanda looks at Noah warily.

After the team loses the qualifier due to Noah ruining a lift that Amanda knows he can do,[38] Amanda confronts Noah, but he claims that he is okay. Later, she is approached by him and he admits that not only does he really like her, but that the reason he ruined the lift is because he has a back injury. Amanda is happy that Noah reciprocates her feelings, but is concerned for him and advises him to see a doctor. She is ultimately forced to keep his injury a secret. When Noah is confronted by Riley and lies that he was distracted at the qualifier because of Amanda, Amanda then begins wondering if Noah's feelings for her are real.[4] While on her "pre-date" with Noah, she reveals this concern to him and, although she is assured that everything he said to her is true, she remains skeptical. She becomes fully confident in Noah's feelings for her when she discovers all of the kind things that Noah wrote in his peer review of her.[4]

Noah amanda season 4 hoftm 3

Amanda regards Noah worriedly.

Amanda becomes increasingly worried for Noah's physical state as he continues to hide his back injury. When Noah finally admits that his back injury is bad, she makes him promise to tell Riley.[39] Amanda accompanies Noah to the hospital in order to get his back checked out. Amanda learns why Noah likes her and is flattered, but is unable to tell Noah why she likes him until he returns from the doctor's office. While Noah is in the doctor's office, Amanda grows so worried that she is moved to tears and, when he returns, she tearfully tells him why she likes him. Amanda is concerned when Noah receives an early phone call from the hospital,[40] and is even more concerned when she learns that Noah has to get back surgery. Noah attempts to kiss her at the hospital, but chickens out despite Amanda's positive reinforcement. She makes him promise to kiss her after his surgery.[41]

Amanda becomes immensely worried for Noah as his surgery draws near. Amanda is met with aid from Theo on behalf of Noah which eventually works to ease her anxiety.[2]

Amanda noah season 4 hcym 8

Clad in pyjamas and wearing spectacles, Amanda assures Noah that he will always be a warrior to her.

Amanda tries to tend to Noah while he is in the hospital, and is hurt to be rejected by him. With advice from Richelle, Amanda realizes that Noah is just being proud; to make Noah feel better, she visits him in her pyjamas.[42]

To ease his nerves about kissing her, Amanda lies to Noah that she already kissed him while he was under anesthetic. After sharing a kiss with Noah, she reveals her bluff.[43]

Amanda is overwhelmed when Noah tells her that he loves her. She is unable to tell him she loves him, despite feeling it, as does not want to ruin their relationship.[44]

Acigc amanda

Amanda is left feeling betrayed.

Amanda is presented with the opportunity to go on tour with Giselle, but she would have to leave for tour on the day of the finals at Regionals.[13] Amanda is torn about the decision and confides in Noah, who urges her to go.[45] After watching Noah perform in the semifinals, Amanda tells Noah she loves him; he says it back and they kiss. Nonetheless, Amanda decides that her team is too important to her and decides to dance in the finals.[46] Although, with Michelle back from the hospital and Alfie back from Switzerland, there is one too many dancers on A-Troupe; Amanda is the unlucky dancer who is taken out of the routine, leaving her devastated. Noah comforts her and they kiss, with him telling her that they will get through it. Amanda finds herself unable to face the team again and fails to answer Noah's calls.[14]

The Off Season: Season 1

After a bout of teaching J-Troupe and breaking up with Noah, Amanda finally gets to go on tour with Giselle.[5][47][15]

Season 7

Amanda attends The Next Step's 30th anniversary Christmas party. In Piper's alternate reality, Amanda is part of Alfie's plan to buy the The Next Step Dance Studio as a real-estate agent.[48] 


Amanda is initially portrayed as obnoxious and unpleasant, and the depth of her unkindness becomes apparent in Season 2. Amanda is not only deceptive, but is obsessed with success; she is willing to pretend to be friends with the rest of A-Troupe in order to get them to fail and thus make it easier for her to prevail. However, Amanda is able to give credit where credit is due and appreciates fairness when at the heart of competition, a trait that contributes to her eventual change of heart. Once Amanda discovers the fatal flaw in her character, she eventually feels genuine contrite for her previous self and refuses to scheme further.

Amanda's conceit plummets in Season 3 when she becomes an alternate for Internationals. She easily doubts herself and lacks confidence, especially in regards to her dancing. Despite Amanda's self-piteous state, she rarely expresses her true emotions and often comes off as placid or unmoved. Amanda is very guarded and struggles to express her feelings. As Amanda comes to like Noah, she grows more comfortable and is finally able to eloquently express how she feels.

Physical appearance


Amanda has dark brown eyes and pale skin. Her hair is long and brown, and briefly features a blue streak in Season 1. She is one of the tallest characters on the show.


While dancing in the earlier seasons, Amanda wears dark colours; by Season 2 she wears only black. In Season 3, Amanda begins wearing purple and by Season 4, Amanda wears pink. Outside of the studio in the earlier seasons, Amanda wears black, occasionally with floral or camouflage patterns. Later, Amanda wears brighter colours and in Season 4, one of Amanda's outfits consists of a blue plaid shirt and jeans.

Amanda wears glasses when she visits Noah in hospital[42] but she is never seen wearing them before or after this occasion. It can be assumed that she wears contact lenses most of the time.



  • Acro: Acro is not Amanda's strongest style, though she improves in acro as the seasons progress.[32] Because Amanda is unable to perform some acro moves, she is kicked out of her trio[32] and sent to Sweden.[9] During her final year in A-Troupe, Amanda is said to have the highest kick of anyone on the team.[49]
  • Contemporary: Amanda's dominant style is contemporary. She is a proficient contemporary dancer.
  • Jazz: Amanda is fairly proficient at jazz. She is part of the jazz trio which is the original small group dance for Nationals.



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Group dances

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  • It is possible that Amanda is of Jewish descent or a member of the Jewish faith, considering that she regularly attends the Jewish Community Centre.[49]
  • Amanda's favourite food is sushi.[4]


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