Amy, I would like you to dance the emotion 'love'.

Stacy Carpenter to Amy

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"Amy's Audition" is the 4th episode of The Off Season: Season 2.


"Amy believes it is now her turn to shine this year, but will she impress Stacy Carpenter and the judges with her freestyle dance interpretation of the emotion 'love'?"[1]


Amy confesses that she wants the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship a lot and that she is ready for the audition and to shine. Stacy Carpenter asks her to dance the emotion 'love' to which Amy agrees to do. Amy starts dancing to 'Elevator'. Stacy asks her what her dance was about, to which she replies that it was about the moment when you realize that you're in love. She adds that her love is dance and admits that before joining The Next Step, she was dancing at another studio but for the wrong reason. Amy says that she had previously been dancing to impress everyone because she didn't want to disappoint them. Then she realized that she could just go onstage and not worry about what everyone else thought. After she is done dancing, Piper whoops for her and applauds. Stacy thanks her and Piper tells her that she did really well. After that, another dancer tells Amy that she was really good and that she herself just joined a new acro team. She tells Amy to consider joining, but Amy says that she already has a great team and that she thinks that this year will be her year. The other girl tells Amy that if she changes her mind, the team could definitely use someone like Amy. Stacy calls for 'Number 4', who is the other girl, name Simone. Amy confesses that an all-acro team seems pretty amazing, but she couldn't leave The Next Step because it is her home.




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