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I think I need to be more involved with your training.

Gale, to Amy

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"Amy's Personal Life" is the 2nd episode of The Off Season: Season 1.


"Amy talks to her mom about next season."[1]


Gail amy off season apl

Amy's mom complains about Amy's hair.

Amy and her mom are in Neutral Grounds. Amy watches the Internationals finals, which she admits is hard to watch, although she does so to see who wins the competition. As she watches Gemini perform, Amy confesses that her mom is a former professional dancer who is sometimes too invested in her dance career. Amy's mom tells Amy that it's time for her to make her mark and that she cannot afford distractions. Knowing her mom is referring to LaTroy, Amy reminds her mom that she is over him and that they are now friends. Amy's mom is glad and decides that it is time for her to get more involved in Amy's training, which Amy is unhappy about. Gemini is crowned the winner of Internationals, thus replacing The Next Step as the best studio in the world. Amy confesses that The Next Step has a long road ahead of them if they want to get back to that level.





  • Lesley Faulkner as Gale

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