West Thalia season 3 episode 18
This is page is a transcript for the episode "Amy's Personal Life." Note that this page does not include the "Previously on" segment, nor an in-depth description of the theme song sequence.

Various shots of downtown Toronto as "Take It to the Top" plays. Establishing shot of the exterior of The Next Step Dance Studio.

Amy: [Voice-over.] Right now, I [Cut to Neutral Grounds, where Amy's mom is collecting drinks from the barista and Amy watches the Internationals finals on her device.] am watching the finals at Internationals. It's [Cut to Amy in Talking Heads.] really hard for me, but I need to know who will take the trophy.

Cut to Amy's mom and Amy in Neutral Grounds.

Amy's mom: Are the finals on? [Amy's mom takes a seat beside Amy.]

Amy: Yep. The Geminis are on stage now. [Amy positions the tablet to the middle of the table.]

Amy's mom: [Groans. Runs hand through Amy's hair. Disgusted.] What are we gonna do about this hair?

Cut to Amy.

Amy: I like my hair. My mum is a former [Cut to Amy in Talking Heads.] dancer. She's really invested in my dance career. [Zoom in on Amy's face.] Sometimes, I wish she would just find a hobby. [Cut to Amy in Neutral Grounds.] Wow. [Cut to Amy's mom and Amy.] They're really good.

Camera zooms out. Shot of Amy and Amy's mom sitting in Neutral Grounds watching the finals of regionals.

Amy's mom: Mhm. You know, honey, [Cut to Amy's mom.] this season is so important, it's time for you to make your mark, we [Cut to Amy.] can't afford any more distractions, and you know what I'm talking about.

Amy sighs and rolls her eyes.

Amy: Mum, I got it, I already told you! I am one hundred percent over LaTroy.

Amy's mom: Good.

Cut to Amy's mom and Amy.

Amy: We're just friends.

Amy's mom: Great, I'm so glad to hear that, because I've [Camera zooms in on Amy's Mom] been thinking. I think that I need to be more involved with your training.

Cut to Amy looking down sorrowfully.

Amy: [Voice-over.] My mom wants to get more involved in my dance career?! [Cut to Amy in Talking Heads. Amy sighs.] This is really not good.

Cut to Amy's mom in Neutral Grounds.

Amy's mom: If your name is going to be in lights someday, this season [Cut to Amy.] has to be perfect. We can not let it slip [Cut to Amy's mom and Amy.] away.

Livestream announcer: And this [Amy slightly rolls her eyes.] year's international champions are... Team [The crowd cheers.] Gemini!

Amy: Great. [Cut to Amy.] Looks like the Geminis won Internationals.

[Cut to Amy's mom and Amy. Amy's mom sharply exhales.]

Amy: [Voice-over.] The Geminis have replaced [Cut to Amy in Talking Heads.] The Next Step as the best studio in the world. We [Zoom in on Amy's face.] have a long road ahead of us if we're ever going to get back to Internationals.