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She's confident, she's fun. Girl's just all around awesome.

LaTroy, "I Only Have Eyes for You"

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Amy Abigail[5] is an acro and lyrical[6] dancer on A-Troupe, and a former member[7] and dance captain[8] of AcroNation.

Amy auditions for A-Troupe after Internationals and makes it onto the team.[9][10] After The Next Step's loss at Regionals, Amy's mother decides to become more invested in her dance life.[11][12]

Despite an excellent audition, Amy does not make it onto A-Troupe the following dance season after questioning Emily.[13] She reluctantly joins TNS West, but continues to lie to her mother that she is on A-Troupe. Eventually, her mother discovers the the truth, and she is pulled out of the studio.[5] With Piper's help, she makes it onto TNS East, but at the cost of Piper's spot.[14] After both TNS East and TNS West are disallowed from competing at Regionals, Amy's mother forces her to audition for Gemini Dance Studio, but allows her to return to the newly merged A-Troupe when Amy tells her how unhappy she is at Gemini.[15]

Amy is determined to shine at Regionals, but is disappointed when she does not make the front row in the group dance and is disregarded for upcoming routines.[16][17] When Michelle reveals that she and Emily do not consider her to be a featured dancer, a saddened Amy transfers to AcroNation,[18] where her talent for acro helps her stand out. Amy helps AcroNation qualify for Regionals at the Absolute Dance WildStylz convention, and her all-round dance experience enables her to be chosen for all three featured Regionals routines.[19] Amy is overjoyed when AcroNation qualifies for the finals at Regionals, but realizes she misses her friends at The Next Step.[8] Despite performing well in the tiebreaker round that occurs after Encore Dance Studios is disqualified, The Next Step wins Regionals, devastating Amy.[20]

After finding out that there is an empty spot on A-Troupe, Amy rejoins The Next Step and is determined to have a drama-free season.[7]


Before the show

At a dance competition, Amy performed a solo and ripped her pants while doing the splits. Not wanting the audience to see the tear, Amy performed the rest of the dance with her legs together.[21] When she was younger, she used to have tea parties with her dolls she tells Finn.

Amy was once cut from a dance team because she could not master a double-back-handspring-back-layout. She practiced the move all summer in the hopes of making the team the next time she auditioned, but was unsuccessful.[22] This team was presumably recreational, as Amy has apparently never been cut from a competitive team.[13]

At Amy's previous studio, she danced for the wrong reason; she wanted to impress everyone because she didn't want to disappoint them. Upon moving to The Next Step, she realized that she could just go onstage and not worry about what everyone thought.[23]

During one summer, Amy worked at a gas station.[24]

Season 4

Amy arrives at The Next Step Dance Studio for the open house where she meets Cassie. The two witness Richelle dancing, which makes Amy fear that she won't make it onto A-Troupe.[25] She subsequently does make it, but her nerves are far from dispelled, and to reduce her fear, she joins the Zero Percent Club.[10]

After making it into the small group for the second qualifier, Amy helps LaTroy with a contemporary combo through unconventional teaching methods and the two grow closer.[4] Amy gains feelings for LaTroy and, after assuring him of their chemistry, is asked out by him.[2]

Amy sloane season 4 lwtua

Amy regards Sloane sadly after she admits that she isn't ready to be friends with her again.

When Amy discovers that Sloane also likes LaTroy but that LaTroy does not feel the same way, she asserts that she and LaTroy should continue dating regardless. As a result, her friendship with Sloane deteriorates, much to her dismay.[2]

Amy is saddened to learn that LaTroy will be leaving The Next Step indefinitely to renovate a farmhouse with his dad, but is supportive of him.[26]

When forced to clean the mirrors in the Rehearsal Room with Sloane, Amy tries to rekindle her friendship with her and ultimately succeeds.[24] Amy also helps Sloane mend her relationship with LaTroy.[27]

Amy runs for the title of dance captain, but does not get it due to her distracted nature and poor public speaking skills. However, she is hardly upset about losing, as she gets to keep the light bulb that she uses in one of the tasks.[5]

Amy is ecstatic when LaTroy returns to the studio[27] and her affection for him only grows, culminating when she realizes that she loves him. She is nervous about revealing this to LaTroy, but eventually does from the sheer excitement of their first kiss, and is over-the-moon when he says he loves her too.[28] Therefore, Amy is heartbroken and angry when LaTroy eventually breaks up with her before the Regionals finals, making her realize that he lied when he said he loved her.[3]

The Off Season: Season 1

Amy has gotten over her break-up with LaTroy and they are now friends again. When her mother, a former dancer, vows to be more involved in her dance career, Amy becomes concerned.[12]

Season 5

Amy is wary of Emily being the new studio head, believing the troupe will devolve into one full of robots. When Emily demotes various dancers to B-Troupe before even seeing them audition, Amy begins to voice her disbelief, but is silenced by Emily. Despite her excellent audition, this outburst causes Amy not to qualify onto A-Troupe and be demoted to B-Troupe. Amy is devastated and knows that she cannot tell her mother the truth.[13] 
Amy piper dlah

Amy convinces Piper to do a duet with her in order to keep up her lie to her mother.

When Michelle invites the rejected dancers to join TNS West, Amy begrudgingly joins, but is wary of the lack of technical training amongst the members of the troupe. Amy continues to lie to her mother that she is on A-Troupe and begins to pull Piper into her lies as well. Eventually, Amy's lies unintentionally get Piper into trouble with Emily, angering Piper to the point that she tells Amy she will not talk to her until she tells her mother the truth.[29] Amy is left ever more devastated as her friendship with Piper continues to deteriorate.[30]

Just as Amy finally begins to feel at home at TNS West, her mother discovers the truth about her dance life, and is horrified at the lack of formality shown by the TNS West. Consequently, Amy is forced to leave the studio, and to say a tearful goodbye to her friends.[5]

Forlorn about being unable to dance and having nothing to lose, Amy takes part in Piper's plan to make her an alternate for TNS East. After begging Emily to let her dance, Amy performs some of Daniel's choreography and makes it onto the troupe. Though happy at first, Amy later realizes that instead of joining alongside Piper, she has taken her spot. She tells Piper that she will try to get her back onto the team, but Piper is unresponsive to the idea, instead taking Amy's spot on TNS West.[14] Amy is later pleased to find out that Piper is not mad at her and is actually far happier on TNS West.[31]

Amy is ecstatic when she helps her team win the dance battle against TNS West, even though it means that Piper's team has lost,[32] and is distraught when the whole studio is disallowed from competing at Regionals. She is the first to learn of Piper's plan to merge the two teams,[33] but her hopefulness is dampened when she is forced by her mother to audition for Gemini Dance Studio[34] and is accepted onto their Regionals team. Amy is so unhappy at Gemini that she hides at The Next Step for an entire day, causing both her mother and Piper to worry about her whereabouts. Piper later finds her in the locker room, and Amy reveals that she hates it at Gemini, but doesn't know how to tell her mother the truth. With Piper's help, Amy is finally able to confront her mother about her feelings and convinces her to let her stay at The Next Step.[15] Later, Amy is ecstatic when A-Troupe qualifies for Regionals.[35]

The Off Season: Season 2

Amy auditions for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship and dances about 'love'.[36]

Season 6

Upon the arrival of new studio head Miss Angela, Amy is as shocked and upset as everyone else by Miss Angela's favouritism towards her daughter Lily.[37] Like the rest of A-Troupe, Amy believes that Richelle is the perfect person to take down Miss Angela and is shocked by Richelle's apparent betrayal of the team.[38] However, upon realizing that Richelle was undercover, Amy goes along with the plan to rid the studio of Miss Angela and participates in the food fight.[39]

However, when the new line placements for Regionals are announced, Amy, like Richelle and Jacquie, is upset with her placement in the middle row.[19] However, unlike Richelle and Jacquie, she does not try to sabotage Summer with an attempt to get her to move to AcroNation.[40]

Amy is disappointed upon discovering that she is not being considered for the solo at the Absolute Dance WildStylz convention. She is therefore delighted to help stand in for Simone in a trio with Ty and Adrian at AcroNation, which results in studio head Thalia beginning to value her as a dancer.[3]

When Michelle and Emily pair up the dancers via a personality test for duets to determine who will assist Leon Blackwood at the upcoming convention, Amy and Henry are paired together. Amy is initially delighted, but becomes frustrated when Henry waylays their rehearsal by going to the store to return a tuxedo and locking them out of his car. After learning that Henry gave up attending his prom so he could take part in the Regionals qualifier video, Amy decides not to fight with him anymore. Instead, the two practise their duet in the car park, and as the dance ends, they almost kiss - before being interrupted by Henry's mother. Amy is left confused about what she feels for Henry.[41]

Amy subsequently decides to throw a prom for Henry at The Next Step. After informing Henry and the rest of A-Troupe about the prom, Amy hopes that Henry will invite her. However, wanting to surprise her with an over-the-top promposal, Henry does not manage to ask Amy to prom before Ty asks her first. Amy seems disappointed at refusing, but tells Henry that she has said she will go to prom with Ty.[42] At prom, she wishes that she were with Henry, but decides that she will try and have fun with Ty - though eventually, she is able to have one dance with Henry.[43]

After asking Michelle what her and Emily's plans are for her, Amy discovers that at The Next Step, they will always view her as a middle row dancer. Distraught at the revelation, Amy ultimately decides to join AcroNation, hoping that she can prove herself to be a featured dancer.[18]

Amy is immediately placed in a featured routine at AcroNation, helping them to win the wildcard spot at Regionals at the Absolute Dance WildStylz convention. Upon qualifying for Regionals, Thalia decides that Amy will be the soloist at the competition for the five-point advantage.[44] Amy performs well, but loses to Lily.[45]

After rehearsal one day, Amy and Ty kiss, which Henry witnesses. Amy and Henry get into a fight about how despite their "moment", Amy went to prom with Ty and Henry went with Summer. They decide that "they had a moment, but it passed", after which they separately perform solos to the same song. At the end of her solo, Amy is asked out by Ty; she agrees to go on a date with him.[19]

After Thalia puts Amy front and centre of every single Regionals routine, Amy has less time to hang out with Ty, which eventually causes their relationship to suffer. This is exacerbated by Amy replacing Ty with Simone in their ballet pas de deux because Ty's technique is weaker than Simone's.[46] After Ty tries to ask Simone to give her a night off so that they can go on a date, Simone condemns Amy for asking her boyfriend to try and get her out of rehearsals. Amy angrily confronts Ty, and breaks up with him when she realizes he doesn't understand how hard she has worked to be a featured dancer.[47]

At Regionals, Amy performs well in every round, but has started to realize that she misses her old team and that despite being front and centre of AcroNation, being the star dancer is not all that she wants. Amy also realizes that she is not over Henry; despite this, she is unsurprised that he and Summer are together.[8]

After a stellar performance in the finals, Michelle approaches Amy and tells her that she was wrong about her not being a featured dancer. Amy confesses that this means a lot to her, especially since she has always looked up to Michelle.[48]

Despite her exceptional performance in the tiebreaker round that occurs after Encore Dance Studios is disqualified, Amy wishes that she could be dancing with her old team while she watches A-Troupe perform. AcroNation ultimately loses Regionals to The Next Step, leaving Amy devastated to have lost to her former teammates.[20]

The Off Season: Season 3

Having asked Michelle and Emily to rejoin A-Troupe, Amy becomes a member of The Next Step again.[7] She informs Henry and Summer that she is happy for their relationship and reconciles her friendship with them[49] and with Piper, who informs her that both Noah and Jacquie have left The Next Step.[50]

Season 7

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Amy is introduced as a very optimistic and happy individual, and is often seen smiling. She cares deeply about others, especially her friends; when Richelle is describing various members of A-Troupe in front of Lily, she claims that Amy is "really nice, all the time".[51] Amy can also come off as very silly under pressure, as shown while running for the title of dance captain.[5]

Amy's positive disposition is not to be mistaken for her being a pushover; she is able to speak her mind when she deems something wrong, sometimes with negative consequences, as seen when she does not make it onto A-Troupe after questioning Emily.[13] At the rare times when Amy is sad, she is exceptionally so, often paired with tears. Amy once appears so distraught while sitting in Neutral Grounds that Heather gives her a free drink.[14]

As Amy becomes older, her determination and ability to stand up for herself strengthen. Upon discovering that she would never be a featured dancer at The Next Step, it isn't long before she decides to leave and join AcroNation,[18] despite effectively abandoning all her friends when they need her.[52] This independence is again shown when she breaks up with Ty after realising he doesn't understand where her priorities lie.[47]

Amy's positive personality and attitude have been shown to give her lot of attention from boys. Four people have displayed interest in her within a very short period of time, these being LaTroy, Henry, Ty and Finn respectively. This means Amy has had more romantic connections than anyone else at The Next Step, even Eldon or Noah (who, although he has had four girls interested in him, has only been involved with three). Additionally, unlike most of her peers with failed relationships, Amy has so far remained friendly towards all of her exes or former crushes and their subsequent girlfriends, hinting at her capacity to forgive those she cares about.

Physical appearance


Amy has light, freckled skin and blue-green eyes. Her hair is initially light brown, but is later dyed golden brown.


Amy's dance wear usually consists of a blue, green or light purple sleeveless top and varying coloured shorts. As she gets older, on occasion, she wears leggings. In Season 7, she wears a skort for the first time.



  • Acro: One of Amy's main styles is acro, and it appears to be her strongest style. Amy's acro has even been compared to Giselle's.[13][14]
  • Ballet: Amy is an exceptional ballet dancer who is able to dance on pointe.[6]
  • Contemporary: Amy is a proficient contemporary dancer. She successfully teaches LaTroy a contemporary combo, of which he successfully performs and is complimented by Sloane on.[4]
  • Hip-hop: Although Amy does not specialize in hip-hop, she is quite good at it. She dances in Leon Blackwood's masterclass hip-hop routine and is complimented by him on quickly picking up the choreography.[30]
  • Jazz: Although one of Amy's main styles is jazz, she does not perform much of it. When she does perform it though, she does so with much proficiency.
  • Lyrical: Lyrical is another of Amy's dominant styles and she is a proficient lyrical dancer.


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