West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Season 4

Dance is just something I have to do. I'm 100% compelled to do it. Everything else is just a choice, but... dance... I have to do.

— "Welcome to the Jungle"

What happens to A-Troupe now? Where do we go from here?

— "Simple Twist of Fate"

I'm actually going on a date with LaTroy. I have to tell Cassie! I have to tell everyone!

Talking Heads, "I Only Have Eyes for You"

If you don't like Sloane that way and you like me that way, you should date me.

— to LaTroy, "I Only Have Eyes for You"

Yeah, exactly one! You know, they only take one team from the final qualifier. They take three teams from this one.

— to Riley , "Nobody's Fault but Mine"

I know right? So cute. [...] He's so dreamy.

— to Cassie , "Kiss and Tell"

He took me go-karting. It was </nowiki>so much fun. Although, I think he was trying to let me win, but I was trying to let him win, so we were both going really slow—

— to Cassie, "Kiss and Tell"

I know a lot about getting rid of streaks because I had a summer job at the gas station. And one of my favourite things to do was cleaning people's windshields. [...] And I did! It was like getting a glimpse into somebody's life. A person's car says a lot about who they are. Do they eat in their car? Do they have parking tickets? Once, I saw someone with a cotton candy air freshener and that says a lot about the person. [...] That they're fun and they know how to live their life, obviously!

— to Sloane, "Kiss and Tell"

I know you like me Sloane, I see you smiling. [...] Look, we're talking. That's the first step. And tomorrow, we could be hanging out. Okay? And I'd really like that.

— to Sloane, "Kiss and Tell"

Wanna grab a juice?

— to Sloane, "Kiss and Tell"

You've got to talk to us. That's why we formed Zero Percent.

— to Piper, "Rumour Has It"

LaTroy has FOMO, or fear of missing out. I need to do something to show him that everyone misses him too.

— "A Fool in Love"

I'm always here for you.

— to Cassie, "Come Together"

The Off Season

Wow, they're really good.

— "Amy's Personal Life"

Season 5

I really need this spot. I never told my mom that I was cut from A-Troupe. If she finds out that I'm not competing this year, she'll be devastated.

Go West, Young Michelle

Dancing... is what I wake up in the morning. And... dancing is... is what makes me really happy. And... and not being able to do it anymore makes me really upset. Because I love it so much.

— "It's All Fun and Games..."

I know that I have to leave everything on the floor. I'm not gonna get another chance.

— "No Good Deed"

If I'm gonna win, I'm gonna win with my friends.

— ”Stand Together or Fall Apart