West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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He almost floats. The only problem with him is you can see the concentration in his face and that's something you really can't see with Eldon.


Once again, Kate won't let me do something. It just seems like anytime I try to help out or I try to make an opportunity for myself, she just shoots me down.


You have to learn how to bridge-walk before you can run, sweetie.

Giselle , to Becca

Um... first of all, your feet—they're not turned out at all. It's all wrong.

Richelle , to Emily

Oh. I'm sorry. Are you the Dance Captain in A-Troupe? Mm, I didn't think so.


Emily: Well, you know what? I guess there's nothing I can teach you then, is there?
Richelle: Funny, actually, yeah. You could teach me how to be Dance Captain.
Emily: Hm, wanna know the first rule about being Dance Captain?
Richelle: What?
Emily: Don't stand so close to me.

Josh: I wanna be the coolest dancer in the studio!
James: Oh yeah, the spot's already taken. Sorry about that.
Josh: By who? West?

It's so pathetic that The Next Step has to use their dancers the advertise themselves. I mean, the name doesn't speak for itself?

Tess, to Amanda and Michelle

Michelle, this is Tess. She was my assistance captain at Elite and she's just really bitter about not going to Nationals.

Amanda , to Michelle

Tess: You know what, Amanda? You're pathetic. Look at you and your little tacky outfit, sitting behind your little table, handing out flyers. You used to dance at the best studio and now look at you.
Michelle: The best studio? Why didn't you guys win Regionals if you're the best studio?

Kate: Hey, how's Baby Ballet going?
Chloe: Um, it's going.
Kate: So, basically, Margie's running the class.

Daniel: Don't you want the best soloist for Nationals?
Kate: We already have him.

Tess: You know what? She used to be the best dancer at the best studio—
Michelle: Okay, okay. The best studio? All she ever talks about is how mean you guys are and how little fun she had there. So you and your studio need to back off.

Unless I have the solo at Nationals, I have to leave.

Daniel , to Kate

Why am I talking to Tess? Well, I'll tell you why I'm talking to Tess. I'm still at Elite. In fact, I'm Captain at Elite. Me crying because Lucien was yelling at me? Fake. One hundred percent fake. The only reason why that had to happen was to make Michelle fall in my trap and let me audition for A-Troupe. The only reason why I'm at The Next Step is to make sure they do not make it to Nationals.