I'm constantly on the verge of tears.

— Arthur, "Better Than This"

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Arthur is James's former driving instructor and uncle by marriage to Kathy.[2][1]

Arthur is introduced as James's zany and fear-inducing driving instructor who eventually passes James after making him sing along with him in the car.[2]

Arthur turns out to be Kathy's mystery fiance who, with James' help, manages to get out his vows and marry Kathy.[1]


Before the show

Arthur trained to become a driving instructor and went to work for the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Season 2

Arthur becomes James's driving instructor. He sings in the car during James's test, and fails James at the latter for being "off key." When James protests, Arthur decides to pass him, but still goes along with James's prank: tell Deborah and Riley that he failed. He and James have a good laugh when the truth is revealed.[2]

Somewhere between this season and the next, Deborah introduces Arthur to Kathy and the two get engaged. He also agrees that when they eventually marry and live together, he will give up his cat due to Kathy's allergy.[2]

Season 3

Arthur is excited to marry Kathy. When Kathy and Arthur hug at Kathy's house, a squeak sounds from him which comes from a cat toy. Kathy is immediately angry, and gives him an ultimatum: her, or the cat, and he hastily chooses the cat. The real reason Arthur called off the wedding was because he didn't have a best man, not because of the cat, and he puts the wedding back on when James agrees to be his best man. He ecstatically calls Kathy to apologize and tell her of the news, but then receives news that the band for the wedding has cancelled, and resumes crying. But, when James assures him that his band will perform, all hope is restored. After these experiences, Arthur gains a new respect and appreciation for James. At the wedding, Arthur is unable to get out his vows, but eventually gets the task done after James helps him. In honour of the marriage, he sings a song that, while for Kathy, is very much James-centric.[1]


Arthur is extremely odd, neurotic, and emotional. He is also obsessive, shown by the fixation he has on James. Arthur loves to sing, despite not having a knack for it.

Physical appearance


Arthur has brown sparse hair and light skin.


Arthur often is seen wearing sweater vests and khakis.


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Season 2

Season 3


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