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Arthur sings an unnamed song to Kathy after the exchange their vows at their wedding in "Marry Me".


Can't believe that the road I was on led to you
'Cause I used to be lonely 'til I found you, Kathy (and my new best friend, James)
Like that driver side airbag, you saved my life
By making me whole when we made you my wife, oh, Kathy (I'm talking 'bout Kathy)

And now just a quick shout-out to James
Sweet little James, you're like a son to me
And if we have a son, his name James will be, Kathy

I wish I could go back to when you were a baby
And take being your uncle as serious as car safety, Jamie (my sweet baby, Jamie)

Just don't you dare forget about James

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  • Despite this song being dedicated to Kathy, Arthur sings about James numerous times throughout the song.
  • This is an Arthy song.