Despite Arthur's neurotic and odd nature, he forms a few significant relationships.



"♫ And now just a quick shout-out to James
Sweet little James, you're like a son to me
And if we have a son, his name James will be, Kathy
I wish I could go back to when you were a baby
And take being your uncle as serious as car safety, Jamie (my sweet baby, Jamie)
Just don't you dare forget about James ♫

James is initially Arthur's driving student. After singing with James in the car and needlessly critiquing him, Arthur decides to fail James for singing off-key during the song. Although, he eventually comes to his senses and passes James.[1]

James arthur season 3 mm

Arthur slow dances with James.

Arthur meets James again after getting engaged to his aunt, Kathy. Arthur is taught how to slow dance by James and later confides in James that he doesn't have a best man for the wedding, and is eternally grateful when James agrees to do the job. Arthur's gratefulness only heightens when James also agrees to get his band to perform at the wedding when the original musicians bail. It is at this moment that Arthur's almost obsessive admiration for James begins, as exemplified through his statement, "James, you're not just my best man. You're the best... man!" Arthur's feelings for James become even clearer when his song for Kathy quickly escalates into an ode to James, during which he even promises to name his future son after him.[2]


Mr. Dicky Meaps

Mr. Dicky Meaps is Arthur's cat, whom he loves dearly. Arthur was even willing to call off his wedding with Kathy for the sake of keeping him in his home.[2]

Love interests


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Marry me

Arthur nervously struggles to get out his vows.

Arthur becomes introduced to Kathy through Deborah and, at an unknown time afterward, Arthur becomes engaged to Kathy. Arthur struggles with Kathy's plea for his cat, of which she is allergic to, to stay with his mother and even momentarily calls off the engagement because of the predicament. Eventually, Arthur makes up with Kathy and the wedding goes as planned.[2]

It is clear that Arthur loves Kathy, despite the difficulties they may face.


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