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B-Troupe is the second-highest ranking troupe at The Next Step Dance Studio. It is initially described as a troupe for recreational dancers, and also includes dancers who have been demoted from A-Troupe or promoted from J-Troupe.


Throughout the series, B-Troupe is often frowned upon, as they are perceived to not be as good or committed as the dancers on A-Troupe. On rare occasions, even the dancers in J-Troupe are perceived as better than those in B-Troupe, as seen when Richelle and Noah audition for the Nationals team in Season 2.[1]

As the show progresses and the studio grows, B-Troupe becomes more respected, to the extent that they are ultimately considered good enough to compete at Nationals.[2]


B-Troupe was established by Cathy in 1995 as a troupe for those who want to dance at The Next Step Dance Studio, but have not succeeded in getting into A-Troupe. J-Troupe dancers can also join B-Troupe when they are deemed to be mature enough to dance at a higher level.[3]  B-Troupe is technically defined as a "recreational" troupe, but they are known to attend competitions on occasion[4] - though they are usually on a smaller scale than those attended by A-Troupe.[5]

Although the original members of B-Troupe are known to fool around and not take things seriously in earlier seasons, the troupe begins to drastically change in Season 3, to the extent that Giselle comments that it is nothing like it once was when she belonged to it.[6] Nonetheless, being demoted from A-Troupe to B-Troupe continues to be seen as negative, as it indicates that either you haven't improved at all as a dancer, or you have got worse.[7]

In Season 7, B-Troupe's role at the studio changes radically after A-Troupe decides to appear on Dancemania instead of attending Nationals,[8] and Summer and Cleo suggest to Emily that B-Troupe goes instead. As Summer is the only member who was on the team that won Regionals, the dancers are reviewed by the head of Absolute Dance, and officially replace A-Troupe as the team going to Nationals.[2]

Following their successful application to Nationals, Nick decides upon an inaugural B-troupe Dance Captain. As she is the most senior member, Winnie is chosen to lead the team. Though Winnie goes "mad with power" and is eventually forced to step down. Summer and Cleo are chosen as the new dance captains. [9]

Summer leaves B-Troupe to rejoin A-Troupe. [10] Presley is brought in to replace her. [11]

At the end of Season 7 it is unknown if B-Troupe is still going to Nationals as A-Troupe have challenged them for the spot following their disqualification from Dancemania.[12]





Presumably at the same time that A-Troupe gains its uniform, B-Troupe is given a similar one, albeit just the jacket. Like the A-Troupe uniform, the jacket has The Next Step's logo on the front and back, and the right shoulder displays the letter "B" for "B-Troupe". The colour of the jacket is also blue, but a much lighter and brighter blue than the A-Troupe uniform. It seems to be always worn with black bottoms. It can be assumed that the jacket, like the uniforms, was designed by Zoltan and Minnow.

At the same time that Miss Angela becomes studio head and creates new uniforms for A-Troupe, Winnie is seen wearing a new B-Troupe uniform, which consists of an orange T-shirt with "TNS" printed on it in silver. Besides the colours, it is very similar in design to Miss Angela's A-Troupe uniform. Winnie is the only B-Trouper to wear the shirt on-screen during Miss Angela's reign as studio head, which (due to Winnie's renowned love of orange) could be the reason for the colour choice. The uniform makes a reappearance during "It's a Wonderful Life, Piper - Part 1" and "Part 2", worn by Richelle and Ozzy in an alternate timeline where they have been demoted to B-Troupe.


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