West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Emily: West. Are these your pyjamas?
West: Well, if you may know, yes they are my pyjamas. And Kate told us to get comfortable so...
Emily: Not that comfortable.

West: Please girl, I work this!

My biggest secret? Well, I witnessed a bank robbery before. Yeah, I actually followed him and know where he buried the money. But this is a couple years ago so I don't know if it will still be there.

West , to the rest of A-Troupe

I think it's always safer to pick dare.


Last week James made me watch a movie about a cyborg robot cop in space.


My favourite part of Touchdowns and Tutus is when two football players have to drag a boat up the Amazon River.


I dare Emily to do the saltine cracker challenge.

James , to Emily

No water, salty crackers... and it's Emily.


Stephanie: You have no watch on, West.
West: You don't see this invisible watch right here?

It was nice to be laughed with and not at for a change.


Out of all the guys in A-Troupe, who would you want to date most?

Emily, to Michelle

If she says she likes me, then that tears the team apart. And if she says she likes someone else, then that will tear me apart. Either way, this is not gonna end well.


I'm not really that surprised that Michelle picked me. I mean, come on. Who doesn't want a piece of West, right?


Eldon: I saw the look you gave me when we were doing Truth or Dare.
Michelle: So what? Eldon, you're dating Emily. She's your girlfriend.
Eldon: I'm gonna break up with her.

Eldon saying that he's going to break with Emily to be with me is what I've wanted to hear for the longest time and he's finally saying it. But, if he breaks up with Emily our team will fall apart.