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Ballet is a type of dance that is featured on the show.


Ballet originated in Italian Renaissance courts, and later developed in France and Russia.[1] It takes a lot of practice and precision, and is highly technical.[1]

Ballet barres are used to encourage ballet dancers at The Next Step Dance Studio to elevate their technique.



  • Although Richelle is normally known as an acro dancer, according to her Talking Heads caption in an episode, she is a ballet dancer.[2]
  • Although dancing on pointe is the highest accomplishment for a female ballet dancer, only two ballet dancers have been seen to do this: Chloe[3] and Richelle.[4]
    • However, three dancers who are not ballet dancers have also been seen dancing on pointe: Riley[5], Amy and Piper.[6] In fact, all three have danced more on pointe than Chloe.[7][8]


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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