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Bartek is a Polish former dancer from Wojdan Dance Academy.


Before the show

Bartek won Regionals and Nationals with his team in order for him and his team to qualify for Internationals.

Season 3

He competes against many dancers for the title of Mister Internationals Soloist, and he loses against Kyle of Stockholm Dance Theatre, Sweden.[2]

Bartek is enlisted to be in the four-person dance alongside Thalia, a dancer from Locronan École Royal de Danse, and a Vietnamese dancer. He becomes friendly with Thalia in the process. Ultimately, he creates a great dance with his team that allows them to qualify for the next round.[3]

Unfortunately, he and his team are beaten by Summerford School of Dance in the quarterfinals. Despite his sadness at his team's defeat, he is happy to hear that his friend Thalia is officially dating Eldon and congratulates him.[4]

Season 4

Bartek dances with Thalia at Wojdan Dance Academy.[5]


Bartek appears to be quite friendly, although somewhat cocky.

Physical appearance


Bartek has fair skin and green eyes. His hair is brown, which is sported as stubble on the lower half of his face in addition to his head.


Bartek usually wears blacks and reds, the uniform colours of Wojdan Dance Academy.


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Season 3


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  • He is fluent in French.[6]
  • He understands and speaks English.[7][4]


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