Bartek has a few meaningful relationships while on the show.



Thalia eldon bartek season 3 ttt

Bartek congratulates Eldon about being Thalia's boyfriend.

Bartek initially deems Eldon a weird guy and even warns Thalia when he sees him staring at her.[1] After finding out that he is Thalia's "almost boyfriend," Bartek mocks Eldon about this before the commencement of the turning competition, although it is probably jokingly. Nonetheless, Bartek is very happy when Eldon becomes Thalia's officially boyfriend, and dutifully pats him on the face then hugs him upon the news.[2]



Bartek Thalia Hug

Bartek hugs Thalia after passing the round.

Bartek is initially quite snarky toward Thalia and even speaks badly of The Next Step Dance Studio behind her back, thinking that she cannot understand Polish. He is surprised to discover that she is fluent and quickly apologizes for disrespecting her. After this, Bartek works with Thalia on the group dance with ease and their friendship grows. When they move forward in the competition, Bartek even hugs Thalia.[1]

Bartek bonds with Thalia, but her affection for her is purely platonic. Bartek is aware that Thalia has feelings for Eldon and is happy for her when they finally become a couple.[2]

Bartek eventually gets to dance with Thalia at his studio.[3]


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