Becca has a few significant relationships.



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Gabi is Becca's older sister, whom she has a love-hate relationship with. Becca has admitted that while the two fight a lot, at the end of the day, she still loves her.[1]

When Becca decides to audition for J-Troupe, she is met with hostility from Gabi, but eventually makes up with her.[1]

Becca gabi season 2

Becca smiles at Gabi.

She has a fallout with Gabi once again when she is the one who is chosen to compete in the trio competition over her. Not wishing for her sister to be upset, Becca is even willing to bow out of the trio so she can be in it. She is thankful when Gabi lets her keep her spot.[2]



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Becca giselle season 2 anything

Becca walks on her hands with Giselle.

Becca looks up to Giselle immensely, and even deems her the "Queen of Acro." She is mentored by Giselle, during which she aspires to learn Giselle's signature Spider.[3]

Becca later dances with Giselle in The 24 Hour Challenge.[4]


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