West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Season 1

I miss you. Like a lot.

— to James, "Everybody Dance Now"

Hey, Zach, do the caveman again.

— to Zach, "Everybody Dance Now"

Hey, uh, Daniel, do you know where James is?

— "Good Girls Go Bad"

It's embarrassing but I really miss James and kinda wanna see him so...I'd love to make A-Troupe.

— to Michelle, Kate, Chris, "Brand New"

Season 2

There's a show?

— to James and Riley, "What'll I Do"

So I was in class today and my teacher was talking about this thing called statistics. I don't know, I don't really get it.

— "Time to Move On"

James... and the Not James.

Beth, to James, Noah, and Amanda

So, it's like, double alone time.

— to James , "Game On"

Because I love you James... but you love her more.

— to James, "Heartbreaker"

Season 3

Did you know you can't text yourself?

— to Stephanie, "Today I'm Getting Over You"

Oh my dance! Did you see the new emerald green nail polish that they have at the salon?

— to Stephanie, "Today I'm Getting Over You"