Beth's lesser qualities and her better ones have cultivated a series of significant relationships.



After Stephanie enters B-Troupe, she becomes Beth's friend. Through their time together in the troupe, off-screen, their relationship only grows until they are ultimately best friends.

Beth stephanie season 3 t

Beth excitedly regards Stephanie after discovering she is her duet partner.

Beth is ecstatic to be Stephanie's duet partner in Phoebe's exercise, but wishes to spend time with her away from the studio rather than rehearse. Beth even convinces Stephanie to leave with her in order to get their nails done. Although, when she becomes aware of how important the duet is to Stephanie, Beth unquestionably works with Stephanie to create a commendable duet.[1]

Love interests


"I love you, James But you love her more."
Beth to James[src]
James beth season 1 wta

Beth assures James that she still loves him.

Beth dated James when James was in B-Troupe, but after he moved up to A-Troupe, their relationship ended.[2] Despite him having moved on, Beth's feelings for James remain. Beth goes out of her way to speak to and see James. When Beth gets to see James, it is usually to remind him that she misses him or to try and urge him to go on a date with her. Beth does not seem to grasp James' unfailing rejection of her in the slightest, even when he begins dating Riley. Beth ultimately takes a two hour long trip to see James at Absolute Dance Regionals to tell him that she still loves him.[3]

At the party held to celebrate the studio's Regionals win, Beth reminds James that she still loves him and continues to fixate upon him.[4] After Charlie bails as her duet partner for a small competition, James becomes her partner.[5] One day, while rehearsing the duet with James, Beth kisses James.[6] Although frantic about the notion at first, Beth understands James' need to drop out of the duet to resolve his situation with Riley. While James is trying to do just that, Beth walks in on the scenario and asks, "Is there a show?" outraging Riley to the point that she breaks up with James on the spot. Beth immediately comforts James and assures him that she understands if he still doesn't want to do the duet with her, but is no less content when he agrees to do it. Beth offers to get pizza with James and exits the studio with her arm around him.[7] At the duet competition, Beth effectively calms James' nerves and performs a duet with him that garners a second place finish.[8]

As Beth's romantic relationship with James resumes, Beth becomes increasingly obsessive and insufferable. Beth regularly wears a T-shirt sporting the phrase "I'm With James" and practically refuses to leave his side. She fails to understand when James attempts to break up with her, too blinded by her love for him. It is not until Hunter reveals James' plan to get Riley back that Beth realizes James no longer wants her. Figuring out that James is trying to get a four-leaf clover for Riley, Beth obtains one and gives it to James, sadly realizing that James will always love Riley more than her despite her undying love for him.[9]


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