This page is to request blocks for users whom have not followed the rules. Block requests can only be made by users from this community. IP addresses will have to contact me to request a block. Users are more trusted than IP addresses for obvious reasons.

Click here to report a user


This was introduced when I, the admin, received numerous complaints by a user about IPs insulting them. As a result, instead of only me going through the comments to block endless people, I have created this tactic to help me and other users who wish to have more user rights or want to earn respect.

Is the contributor qualified?

User or IP, you can report them. If the contributor has violated any rules, you may report them. If you deem the user has violated a non-existing rule, you may apply. This includes:

  • Insulting users
  • Swearing
  • Editing nonsense (unnecessary categories, inappropriate images, etc.)
  • Badge trolling
  • Vandalism
  • Editing in another language
  • Profanity of any kind
  • Etc.

How do I make a request?

To make a request you will need to go Block/request.

To make a block request, you will need proof of the violation the contributor has made. Include links or examples of what they've written. This will ease searching and judge a timing block while searching for more violation. This is much appreciated. You have to explain what they did wrong so things will run smoother.

As part of the form, you will need the user's IP or name. For example, Octopye88 (username) or (IP). Insert them where it is asked to.

How long will the block be?

It all depends on what the violation is. If it's abusive violation, the user can expect indefinite block (no expiration on block). If it's a one-time violation, the block will be one day. If it's block after block, the user's block will be extended after each block.

The chances of a user not being blocked are slim. Some consider it is rudeness, but sometimes it is not. The chances of a user being unblocked are next to nothing. I do not tolerate users who violate the rules, so they should learn their mistakes. If the user is abusing multiple accounts (using another account after a block), please contact any of the following admins ASAP: Kan014.