West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Amanda emily season 1 tihwdi "Is your grandma missing her curtains?"

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I wanna see what you and I are like away from this place.

Alfie, to Riley

What did you have in mind?

Riley, to Alfie

Going away with Alfie is a big step. Maybe, I need to just take a leap of faith and follow my heart.


We all have to be ready to dance today, but, honestly, I'm a bit worried about James.


I'm done thinking about what I want, I'm gonna let my heart decide.


We are about to compete against the best hip-hop team in the world.


If I lose... I'm out.


I'm here to support Eldon and the boys. I know they can win this thing.


I've been waiting here for over an hour... and Riley's still not here.


Now it's up to James to take out the next two dancers.


The winner of that round is... D.E.W.A.I.J.!

The Masked Man

I have nothing left.


I was at the airport, and I knew I had to follow my heart, and my heart, led me here.


Hey... look who's here.

West to James

What are you doing here?

James to Riley

I love you. It's always been you, I'll always love you and I'm so sorry for what I did but your gonna have to find a way to-

Riley to James