You might as well put a dagger in my heart and twist it.

Kate, about Emily and Stephanie going to Elite

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"Brand New" is the 18th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 18th episode overall. It aired on October 11, 2013.


A-Troupe decides to hold auditions for two new dancers to replace Emily and Stephanie.


Tiffany riley michelle season 1 bn

Riley tells A-Troupe that Stephanie and Emily are leaving.

Riley races into Studio A and notifies A-Troupe that she overheard her parents talking about Emily and Stephanie moving to Elite Dance Academy, shocking the dancers. Realizing that the team has worked too hard not to go to Regionals, Kate decides to hold auditions for B-Troupe members to which the team begrudgingly concurs.

Michelle welcomes the B-Troupers to the auditions. Kate confesses that while Michelle, as Dance Captain, is holding the auditions, herself and Chris still come up with the final verdict. As Michelle explains what will be taking place, Giselle confesses how desperate she is to get into the troupe. She also reveals that she thinks she has a pretty good chance, considering that she is the only B-Trouper who has been on A-Troupe. Solos take place first. Before everyone dances their solo, Michelle asks them why they dance. Zach is up first, and replies that he dances because he likes entertaining people and being the center of attention. As solos continue, Michelle confesses that while B-Troupers are not as good as the A-Troupers, two spots need to be filled. Sarah says that she dances because she loves to move and Charlie says that he dances because it makes people smile. As the solos continue, Giselle admits that she is nervous but is very antsy to dance. Beth auditions, and upon being asked why she dances, she reveals that in addition to doing it because people tell her she's crazy, she really wants to get into A-Troupe to be with James, making Michelle, Kate, and Chris uncomfortable.

Chloe riley season 1 brand new

Riley and Chloe video-chat with James.

In Squeezed, Chloe and Riley video-chat with James who is at school since his mom pulled him out of dance due to his poor math grades. Chloe confesses that the A-Troupers have been taking shifts to help James with his math and that it is their turn. Chloe and Riley alternate between giving James math problems off cue cards. James confesses that it is important that he passes math so that he can return to dance and go on a date with Riley. James reveals to the girls that he is stressed, especially since he doesn't know the dance for Regionals, and Riley decides that she will teach him the steps.

Stephanie and Emily are in Elite's studio, reveling in the area's extravagance. Amanda and Lucien enter, then, and immediately bash The Next Step after they hear that it was Stephanie and Emily's former studio. Amanda and Lucien leave to discuss whether Stephanie and Emily should be allowed to audition.

Riley waits at James's school for James so that she can teach him the choreography. Although, when James arrives, he is uncharacteristically stressed out and informs her that he has to go. Riley is confident that James knows the material, and quizzes him to which he answers the questions correctly. Riley thinks that James needs to believe in himself.

Emily eldon season1 bn

Emily assures Eldon that, regardless of where they dance, they'll be together.

Eldon is waiting outside of Elite so that he can figure out what is going on between himself and Emily. Emily joins Eldon, who tells her of the current status of the studio. Emily tells him that she needs to go back inside, and Eldon finally asks Emily what will become of their relationship if she is at Elite. Emily tells him that no matter where she dances, they will still be together. Stephanie finds them and tells Emily that she needs to go back inside because Amanda and Lucien have made their decision. Emily hugs Eldon and goes back inside, Eldon left feeling amazing. When Stephanie and Emily return, Lucien tells them that while he doesn't appreciate tardiness, the two are permitted to audition.

Still at James's school, Riley convinces James that he knows the material. Riley tries to get a high-five from James, but James hugs her instead and thanks her. James confesses that Riley believes in him when nobody else does and that it feels like anything is possible with Riley. Riley begins to perform the routine, and soon enough, James follows suit.

Giselle season 1bn

Giselle explains why she dances.

In Studio A, it's finally Giselle's turn to audition. She tells Michelle that she dances because when she was a little kid she was really fidgety, and after her parents consulted some people, they decided to enroll her in dance where she felt at home because the other kids were just like her. Giselle auditions for A-Troupe. Simultaneously, Emily auditions for Elite, and back at James's school, Riley teaches James the choreography.

After the auditions, Kate converses with A-Troupe. As she is about to announce the two dancers who made it into A-Troupe, Stephanie walks in and asks if there are still auditions for A-Troupe, as she did not make it into Elite, but Emily did. Kate tells her that there aren't, causing Stephanie to ask if an exception can be made.


  • Emily and Eldon are now officially a couple.
  • Emily is now a member of Elite.
  • Stephanie is currently not in a dance studio.


  • Lucien claims not to have heard of The Next Step, yet Amanda claims in "Fancy Footwork" that their victory against The Next Step at the previous Regionals made their victory even sweeter that year, meaning that Lucien definitely knows The Next Step. However, it is possible that Lucien merely said that to intimidate Emily and Stephanie.

Production errors

  • When Riley enters Studio A to notify A-Troupe of Emily and Stephanie's departure, her hair is in a ponytail but, merely moments later, her hair is down.
  • When reacting to Riley's news, Chloe is standing in front of Eldon, Chris, and Kate but, mere moments later, she is standing in a different location with nobody behind her.

Cultural references

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Ben Rector.




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