West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Emily and Stephanie... are leaving the studio.

Riley, to A-Troupe

You might as well put a dagger in my heart and twist it.


They're always about themselves guys, we know that.

Tiffany, to A-Troupe

Michelle: I know that we've worked really hard to go to Regionals and I really wanna go but—

Daniel: Wait, are you suggesting that we not go to Regionals?

I don't care if I have to take my grandma. We are taking ten people.

Tiffany, to the rest of A-Troupe

I'm the only one in B-Troupe that's ever been in A-Troupe before so I think I have a pretty good chance.


Uh... I like dancing 'cause I like entertaining people. I like being the centre of attention.

Zach, to Michelle

I dance 'cause I just love to move. Trying to jump higher and turn faster and learn new tricks and try new things... it's what make me really happy.

Sarah, to Michelle

I like to dance 'cause I find it kind of makes people smile and, um, I feel as if smiling kind of brightens the world a little bit.

Charlie, to Michelle

It's like an itch that can't be scratched.


Well, some people tell me I'm kind of a little... crazy and... loud so I like to express that with my dancing. And I-it's embarrassing but, uh, I really miss James and kinda wanna see him so... I'd love to be on A-Troupe!

Beth, to Michelle

Riley: Does sine to the power of four times theta minus cosine to the power of four times theta equal two sine squared theta minus one?

James: Um... three?

Stephanie: They have a piano.
Emily: We have a boombox.

I've heard of it. But, isn't it pretty rec?

Amanda, to Emily

Nice sweater by the way. It's really red.

Amanda, to Emily

Amanda and Lucien are just tryna mess with our heads. And I totally respect that.


I dance because when I was a little kid I was really fidgety. And my parents got extremely worried, and so we were talking to a couple other people and they suggested that they put me in dance. And I instantly fell in love with it. I was with the people that were fidgety as well, and it was like… I was at home.

Giselle , to Michelle