He's definitely out of Regionals.

Chris, to A-Troupe

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"Break Stuff" is the 21st episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and is the 21st episode overall. It premiered on November 1, 2013.


Giselle wants to make her mark in A-Troupe by performing a dangerous lift.


Giselle is practicing her dancing in Studio A to ensure that she stays on top of her game and doesn't get demoted to B-Troupe again. As she practices, Daniel enters the studio and watches her. When she finishes, Daniel commends her on her dancing. Giselle thanks him and confesses that she is never going to take A-Troupe for granted again.

Chloe giselle season 1 bs

Giselle suggests that the team incorporates an overhead lift into the routine.

A-Troupe watches a group of Bharatanatyam dancers perform. Michelle brought in the dancers due to how expressive they are, hoping that the dancers can internalize the same kind of expression into their dancing. The A-Troupe members thoroughly enjoy the performance and applaud the dancers when they finish their routine. Once the dancers leave, Michelle says that she thinks they should add more expressiveness into their dance, causing Tiffany to suggest that they do some of the dancers moves. On that note, Giselle suggests that they do an overhead lift. Kate is opposed to the idea, but Daniel and Giselle assure her that they used to do overhead lifts all the time. Michelle suggests the Helicopter Lift and, while the dancers love the idea, Kate is still wary of adding it to the routine. Giselle is disappointed, as she knows that she and Daniel can do the lift.

Michelle pulls Daniel and Giselle into Studio B and asks them how they would do the lift. After they explain the procedure, Michelle asks if she can see them do it. Daniel is skeptical of doing the lift due to his ankle, but he is coerced by Giselle to perform it with her in Studio A.

Tiffany is sitting alone in Studio A when Stephanie arrives after having gone to her audition. Tiffany asks Stephanie how the audition went and Stephanie admits that while she didn't think it went to well, she is glad she went and the auditioners didn't laugh at her. Tiffany confesses that she bet Stephanie did amazingly. Tiffany urges Stephanie to think about Regionals in order to get her mind off of the audition and Stephanie concurs.

West marcel season 1 bs

West hides from Marcel.

West purchases a drink at Squeezed and proceeds to hide behind a little girl after seeing Marcel; he is the leader of the dance troupe that West left without telling him and West does not have the guts to confront him. Despite West's efforts to avoid Marcel, Marcel spots him and refers to him by his nickname, Compass. Marcel tells West that he has been texting and calling him with no reply, but West lies that he broke his phone and only got it fixed the day before (the latter of which is said after his phone begins to vibrate). West picks up his now ringing phone and lies that he got a text from his girlfriend who he is fighting with. West tells Marcel that he needs to leave and dashes out of the store.

Now in Studio A, Giselle asks Eldon to a) not tell anybody about what they are doing and b) spot herself and Daniel as they do the Helicopter Lift, to which he agrees. Giselle and Daniel perfectly execute the lift, exciting Giselle and relieving Daniel. Michelle tells them that they just have to find a way to incorporate it into the routine. Meanwhile, Stephanie receives a phone call from her agent who tells her that she got the part in the television show she auditioned for, but it turns out that shooting is taking place during the same weekend as Regionals.

Chloe kate season 1

Chloe assures Kate that she will give her the money by the end of the week.

In Kate's office, Kate tells Chloe that she needs her money for Regionals. Chloe promises to get her the money by the end of the week. Chloe confesses that she hasn't been able to work enough shifts to make enough money for Regionals. Kate asks Chloe if everything is okay and Chloe lies that everything is fine.

A-Troupe commences the rehearsal of their Regionals routine. As the dance continues, Giselle confesses that she and Daniel are going to spring the lift on Kate and Chris. As a part of this plan, Giselle and Daniel suddenly break formation and proceed to do the lift. Unlike before, the duet does not go smoothly; Daniel falls to the ground in pain. As the dancers crowd around him, Chris runs out of the studio for help.

A-Troupe converses in Studio A, waiting to hear of what happened to Daniel. Chloe pulls Michelle aside and tells her that, although it is bad timing, she has to leave for a shift. Michelle permits her to go, upsetting Stephanie. As Chloe leaves, Kate and Chris enter the studio. Kate reveals that Daniel has a grade three ankle sprain, meaning that there are torn ligaments that need to be healed. As a result, Daniel cannot go to Regionals. Stephanie immediately blames Michelle, but Giselle and Riley come to Michelle's aid, claiming that Daniel knew that he could do the lift. Although, West counters this by acknowledging the fact that Daniel obviously could not execute it. Tiffany says that it isn't fair to blame Daniel, but James professes that the predicament it is fair since he knew that his ankle was hurt. The others are shocked that neither Daniel nor James told them about Daniel's injury. Stephanie antagonizes Michelle once again and, this time, Eldon comes to her defense. An argument ensues among the dancers, which Kate eventually breaks up.

Tiffany daniel chris season 1 bs

Daniel tells his peers about his ankle.

All of the dancers are doing their homework, except for James who is practicing his new solo. Riley confesses that it isn't good that James isn't doing his homework. Daniel enters the studio on crutches and his peers gather around him. Daniel tells the dancers that he will need surgery and will be unable to dance for months. He is met with a group hug, after which Daniel tearfully confesses that this could end his dance career as he exits the studio.


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  • The title refers to a song by Limp Bizkit of the same name.





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