Briana is a former member of TNS West.


Season 5

Briana auditions for A-Troupe, but does not qualify onto the team due to her lack of technique.[1] She initially joins B-Troupe upon not making A-Troupe, but joins TNS West when approached by Michelle.[2]


Since Briana has not spoken once on the show, little is known of her personality. Although, she appears to be friendly and willing.

Physical appearance


Briana is notably shorter than her peers, meaning that she is a very short individual. She has light skin, brown eyes, and straight brown hair.


Briana's attire is very casual. She is usually seen in a tank top and leggings.


Season 5


  • The actress who portrays Briana also portrays a member of Seeds Street Crew in Season 1 as well as a dancer in the flash mob in Season 2. It is unknown whether these characters are Briana.


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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