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An unnamed alleged officer for the anti-busking brigade,[Note 1] dubbed as a busking busting bobby by Eldon , is a Londoner who antagonizes Eldon and West on their day off in "I Only Have Eyes for You."


Before the show

He allegedly became a police officer in London for the anti-busking brigade.[1]

Season 4

He yells for Eldon and West to halt their illegal busking and orders them to hand over the money that they earned while taking part in the activity. Later that same day, he finds Eldon and West using a cellphone in a cafe that prohibits mobile phone use and orders them to leave the premises.[1]


The man is a gruff and antagonistic individual. He does not care for hearing explanations and is extremely persistent on enforcing the law regardless of its lack of credibility.

Physical appearance


The man has shaggy grey hair and a light complexion.


During his appearance, he wears a black sweater under a black trench coat.


Season 4


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Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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  1. It is possible that this man is not actually a police officer. Despite his assertion that he is an officer for the anti-busking brigade, he never shows Eldon nor West a badge, does not wear a uniform, and harnesses no weapons that are synonymous with a police officer. In addition, he makes no genuine attempt to arrest or fine Eldon or West for their crimes. He largely juxtaposes Mel, Giselle's uncle, a police officer who has appeared on the show.


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