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Your team needs you.

Kate, to Stephanie

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"Can't Fight This Feeling" is the 26th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 26th episode overall. It aired on December 6, 2013.


The wrong costumes are delivered for Regionals and everyone is worried.


Michelle is dancing in Studio A to "Inside Out" in an attempt to comfort herself about Eldon. As she dances, Eldon enters the studio with the intention of discussing their feelings for each other. When Michelle concludes her solo, she and Eldon delve into awkward small talk which is eventually disrupted by Eldon, who asks Michelle if they can talk about their relationship. Michelle tells Eldon that she does not want to talk about it, as their conversation will not be a good one. Eldon is discouraged by Michelle's assertion and tells her that if she wants it to be over, then it is; Michelle attempts to say something to Eldon, but is interrupted as the members A-Troupe enter the studio. Eldon confesses that the feelings he currently has for Michelle trump the feelings that he has ever harboured for Emily. Michelle confesses that she thought Eldon would like her no matter what, but that she supposes it has to be over.

Gis tif kate west steph season 1 cftf

Kate announces the arrival of the costumes.

Kate enters Studio A with boxes that are thought to be full of the team's Regionals costumes. The dancers excitedly open the boxes to view their costumes but, upon opening them, realize that the costumes are not the ones that they ordered. Consequently, Kate retreats to her office to make some calls. Riley confesses that, seeing as Regionals are only a few days away and they haven't had a dress rehearsal, the team is in trouble. Stephanie's phone begins to ring and Emily answers it, upsetting Stephanie since Emily will ultimately find out about Stephanie's television show shooting during the same weekend as Regionals. After taking the phone call, Emily loudly congratulates Stephanie on her spot in the television show. With all of her peers now commending her, Stephanie is forced to admit that the television show films during the same weekend as Regionals. Michelle tells Stephanie that she has to go to Regionals, but Stephanie remains unsure.

Emily and Michelle stand in Kate's office while Kate speaks on the phone. Upon ending the call, Kate reveals that the costumes are in Arkansas and may not come in time. Michelle tells Kate that, having been to Regionals and Nationals, the costumes are crucial. Kate assures Michelle that the costumes will come, but Michelle is sure that they are out of luck.

Kate stephanie season 1

Kate tells Stephanie that her team needs her.

Emily and Michelle enter an empty Studio A while discussing the costumes. Emily suggests that they rummage the Costume Cupboard for costumes just as A-Troupe returns and Eldon brings Emily juice. Emily comments on how sweet Eldon is sometimes and Michelle offers a weak smile, confessing that she wishes she was in Emily's shoes but knows that she will ultimately have to get over it. Emily tells the dancers to take off their shoes and follow her. As the dancers leave Studio A, Kate beckons Stephanie into her office. Kate tells Stephanie that she doesn't want to influence Stephanie's decision, but that the team is counting on her.

A-Troupe enters Studio B in order to look through the Costume Cupboard. James takes a chicken head costume from the cupboard and scares Riley, causing her to confess that he lost some brownie points. The dancers search through the costumes and try on a variety of them. Although the dancers have fun dressing up, they realize that the costumes aren't suitable for Regionals.

Eldon tiffany giselle season 1 cftf

Giselle enters the studio with costumes.

Giselle enters the studio with brown bags consisting of costumes from her uncle's vintage shop. The dancers try on the costumes, but they turn out to be much too big; the dancers are unable to dance without garments falling off and members tripping over them. The team wonders what they are going to do, having exhausted all of their options.

The team is gathered around in a circle, discussing their current predicament. West suggests that the team creates a new routine to accommodate their current costumes, which is met with mixed responses. The team eventually begins fighting, further persuading Stephanie to take the role in the television show. Kate eventually breaks up the fighting and tells the dancers to stop worrying about the costumes. When Kate retreats into her office, the dancers disperse. Eldon and Emily share a hug, upsetting Michelle.

Eldon performs a solo to "Inside Out" in Studio A alone. As he dances, Michelle enters the studio. When Eldon completes his solo, Michelle tells Eldon that she still likes him and wants to be with him. Eldon asks Michelle why she is doing this to him, as he has asked her time and time again about her feelings for him and she has only ignored him. Michelle apologizes, but Eldon still tells her that he has moved on. Eldon walks away as the other members of A-Troupe enter the studio. Michelle tearfully confesses that she understands that Eldon is hurt after having been rejected so many times and decides that she needs to move. Kate exits her office with Stephanie who tells the team that she has decided to go to Regionals. Emily asks Kate about the costumes and Kate claims that they are on their way. Content, the dancers commence their rehearsal. Kate confesses that the costumes are coming, just not to them; upon checking the tracking number, Kate saw that the costumes are going to Florida.


  • James breaks the fourth wall by stating that he can see Stephanie being on a television show.
  • The members of A-Troupe break the fourth wall by looking directly into the camera while trying on costumes.
  • Giselle has an uncle who owns a vintage shop where Giselle often gets her Halloween costumes from.


  • Riley states that the team is in trouble, as they haven't had a dress rehearsal with their costumes. This proves to be true, as Riley has a mishap with her costume in "Fancy Footwork," which ultimately briefly eliminates the team from Regionals.
  • James emerges from the Costume Cupboard wearing the head of the chicken costume he wore in "Bad Moon Rising," scaring Riley.
  • As A-Troupe searches for costumes, West puts on a cow head and begins to moo. Emily immediately condemns the animal noise, which is a clear reference to "Video Killed the Radio Star" when the boys made animal noises in order to irritate her.

Cultural references

  • The title is a reference to a song of the same name by REO Speedwagon.




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