What's with the... dress?

Michelle, to Chloe

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"Can You Keep a Secret?" is the 11th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 11th episode overall. It first aired on May 17, 2013.


Michelle learns the truth about Chloe’s financial situation.


Chloe michelle season 1

Michelle jokes that she won't tell anybody about Chloe's job so long as she provides her with all of her tips.

Michelle is taking the bus to dance because her father couldn't drive her, while Chloe is taking the bus to get to work. Michelle instantly notices Chloe on the bus and asks her why she is wearing a dress. Chloe admits that it is her uniform, as she has a job to pay for A-Troupe. Despite not seeing it as a big deal, Michelle agrees that she will keep it a secret.

In Studio A, Kate reminds A-Troupe that the cheques for costumes are due at the end of the week. Chloe is instantly concerned, and now knowing her secret, so is Michelle. Emily, oblivious to Chloe's financial issues, defames Chloe and says that she knows she has not payed. As rehearsal is about to begin, Eldon notices that Emily's shoe is untied and ties it for her, much to Emily's distaste. As rehearsal continues, Kate reveals in Talking Heads that auditions for solos will be the following day, which are a big deal. While they dance, Emily notices that Chloe is a bit aloof and criticizes her dancing. Michelle pulls Chloe aside and asks her if everything is okay and suggests that she return to B-Troupe if she is having too much trouble. Riley and James overhear Michelle suggesting to help Chloe with the choreography, and become sure that she should be dance captain.

Daniel season 1

Daniel smiles at West.

After hours, Daniel and West are at the studio, practicing for solo auditions. Michelle enters the studio with Chloe to help her with the routine. Michelle asks Chloe why she doesn't tell Kate or Emily about her financial issues and Chloe tells her that there are other people who have the qualifications to be in A-Troupe (like Giselle) that could easily replace her. Michelle insists that she will cover for her, then.

Riley and James spot Michelle at Squeezed and approach her. They are still insistent about her becoming dance captain, but Michelle still refuses.

The following day at the studio, Emily asks Eldon to put her backpack in her cubbie to which Eldon graciously accepts. Emily confesses that after him tying her shoe, she wants to see how far she can push him. A-Troupe is warming up for solo auditions, and Michelle confesses that she is worried because Chloe has not yet arrived. Kate and Emily are ready to evaluate the dancers for the solo position and ask West to go first. After he finishes, Daniel dances. He dances phenomenally but during his performance, lands badly after a leap and hurts his ankle. West seems to be the only person who notices his falter and the fact that he is limping. James performs next. Chloe is asked to perform next, but has still not arrived and Michelle lies that she is at a doctor's appointment. Michelle says that she will call her to see where she is, to calm Kate and Emily. The auditions skip to Tiffany and while she is dancing, Michelle calls Chloe who says that she will be at the studio in about an hour which worries Michelle further. Michelle returns to Kate and Emily and lies that Chloe will be there any minute. Kate confesses that maybe Chloe should go back to B-Troupe due to her constant tardiness.

James riley tiffany west season 1

(l-r) James, Riley, Tiffany, and West witness the argument between Emily and Michelle.

The auditions are over, and Chloe is still not present. Kate announces that the soloist will be Daniel. She also tells James that since he came in second, he will be Daniel's understudy. Chloe finally arrives and Emily instantly antagonizes her. Fed up, Chloe leaves and Michelle confesses her guilt. Michelle calls out Emily and a feud instantly ensues. Watching the argument, Riley confesses that this is the start of a revolution, but is saddened when Michelle caves and leaves. Riley grows concerned that she will quit.

Later, Daniel ices his injured foot, but stops abruptly when West enters. West congratulates him on his solo, and asks him if his ankle is okay. Daniel lies that it is.

James and Riley are at Squeezed when Michelle enters and tells them she is ready to be dance captain.


Production Errors

  • In the "Previously on The Next Step" segment, James says "Check it out, Riley's holding my hand", a statement which she has never uttered in previous episodes.

Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song by The Cab with the same name.




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