Canada is the country north of the United States of America on the map of the world. Despite such never being said explicitly, it is the country of origin of The Next Step. Such can be interpreted from the use of Canadian money, the shots of Toronto during transition scenes, and the Canadian vernacular that is used excessively on the show.


Although it has never been made explicit, Canada is the show's main setting. Canadian vernacular is used extensively by the main characters, most notably Josh, who has a very thick stereotypically rural Canadian accent. Canadian money is used throughout the show and clearly shown on screen.[1] When James, West, and Eldon compete at Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza, their team jackets' design clearly resembles the Canadian flag.

No character has ever even uttered the word "Canada" on-screen, but they have hinted at this location in speech. West assures Ella that they are in "North America," which narrows the show down to Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico, although, considering the climate and language seen and used, all directions point away from Mexico. It would appear West is referring to the continent of North America, rather than the country.[2] When Cooper visits The Next Step Dance Studio, he claims that his family has seen Niagara Falls, meaning that the show must be located in either the United States or Canada.[3]


  • The Next Step is filmed in Toronto, Canada.
  • The Government of Canada symbol is seen in the end credits of each episode. It also says "This is a Canadian Film or Video," along with Canadian tax credits.
  • Most of the cast and crew members of The Next Step are Canadian.
  • The Next Step is broadcast on Family Channel in Canada.
  • The production and distribution companies are Canadian.

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