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Let me guess what Cassie's card says: always says exactly what's on her mind? No filter?

Riley, "Knowing Me, Knowing You"

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Cassie is a jazz dancer, formerly on A-Troupe.


Before the show

Cassie was inspired to become a dancer after watching a performance of Swan Lake at the age of five.[4]

The first time Cassie ever spoke to a stranger, she got a blender.[5]

Once when rock climbing, Cassie made it to the top but was too scared to go back down. As a result, Cassie was rescued by a boy, who she deemed "cute," and was asked by this boy for her number. Cassie describes the rest of this occasion as "romantic".[3]

When Cassie's little sister expressed interest in getting a goldfish, Cassie insisted that she get two, as one would surely die in a week.[6]

Season 4

Cassie meets Amy and witnesses Richelle dancing, which causes her to question her chances of making it onto A-Troupe.[7]

When Cassie makes it onto the troupe she is extremely nervous about her new position, and joins the Zero Percent Club with fellow dancers who are just as nervous as she is.[4] With drama encircling her fellow Zero Percent Club members, Cassie begins to feel overwhelmed. Despite wanting to help, Cassie decides to leave things to eventually work out.[8]

Cassie is disappointed to become an alternate for Absolute Dance Regionals, but is encouraged by Henry. She attempts to get Alfie to return for Regionals to make up for her minimal contribution to the troupe, but is unsuccessful.[1] However, Cassie does end up dancing at Regionals when Michelle is taken to hospital; even though Michelle makes a swift recovery, Riley chooses to remove Amanda from the finals routine, despite Cassie being the team's official alternate.[9]

Season 5

Cassie has left The Next Step Dance Studio after the studio's loss at Regionals.[10]


Cassie is brutally honest. At times, she is too frank and is unable to keep her mouth shut, conveyed with the out-of-place statements she makes when Amy and Sloane are trying to settle their dispute.[11] She can be quite the gossip and has even credited herself as having "the gift of gab."[5]

Although Cassie is often viewed as a pessimist, she really isn't; being superstitious, Cassie makes assertions about the worse case scenario of present situations in the hopes that they won't actually occur.[6] Additionally, Cassie can be quite the apologist.

Physical appearance


Cassie is extremely tall, which proves as a problem for some her peers[12] as well as an alleged curse for herself.[4] She has wavy shoulder-length blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.


Cassie's dance wear consists mostly of blue and purple shirts or tank tops and black leggings.



  • Acro: Cassie is proficient in acro. Her extensions have been described as "insane."[4] She can perform an aerial.
  • Contemporary: Cassie is proficient in contemporary.
  • Jazz: Jazz is Cassie's dominant style.


Season 4


Group dances


  • Cassie fears that she will never stop growing, which will eventually jeopardize her dancing.[4]
  • Cassie's favourite food is apples.[5]


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