Antagonists in The Next Step are often characters who oppose the beliefs or actions of the protagonists. For the most part the antagonists are not a part of the studio, though Emily and Stephanie could be seen as antagonists during the better part of Season 1 as their actions often hindered the studio. Amanda, though being part of the studio and on A-Troupe, was an antagonist as she purposely tried to bring down The Next Step Dance Studio in Season 2. Characters like Alfie aren't antagonists as their actions didn't have the same purposeful affect despite the wider fandom hating them. Angela is also an antagonist in Season 6, despite being studio head. Lily is made out as an antagonist, though redeems herself in "Piano Man" and appears to have changed her ways. Angela has also seemingly redeemned her self as she has been made a coach for The Next Stp. Some other antagonists include Lucien, Tess, Shantel and Skylar.

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