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Various episodes of The Next Step are censored when broadcast on channels apart from Family Channel when scenes are deemed as "inappropriate" for younger viewers. Often, this means that scenes are deleted or edited, creating a shorter run-time on episodes. Censorship rarely occurs in episodes other than on the episodes that are shown by CBBC.

Season 1

"Get the Party Started"


  • James and Riley leaning in to each other in preparation for a kiss is deleted on CBBC.

"Forget You"

  • Most of the part of the scene in Studio B between Eldon and Emily, including their kiss, is deleted on CBBC.

"First Date"

Season 2

"My Boyfriend's Back"

"You're the One That I Want"

"Game On"

  • The part when James does a layout off the ledge at Parkour Alley is deleted, as well as his Talking Heads session recounting what he did.

Season 3

"Never There"

Season 4

"Walk This Way"

  • Most of Amanda's reaction when seeing Noah wearing an undershirt after taking off his shirt is deleted on CBBC.

"Love Will Tear Us Apart"

"Heat of the Moment"

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