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Charlie is a hip-hop dancer who is a former member of B-Troupe.


Before the show

Charlie joined B-Troupe.[1]

Season 1

Charlie auditions for A-Troupe twice, but does not make it on either occasions.[2][3]

Season 2

Charlie auditions for A-Troupe, but does not make it through the first cut.[4]

Charlie performs at Open Mic Night in Culture Shock where Riley approaches him. Despite her odd behaviour, Charlie still asks her out on a date. While Riley is initially unable to go, Charlie is eventually able to go on a date with her, after which he briefly dates her.[5]


Charlie is a superficial guy who makes his way through life on looks and brawn. Riley has described him as "the male version of Beth" and has also said that he is "not all there."[5] He cares heavily about his appearance, stating that the only books he reads are fitness magazines. He allegedly does 100 - 200 push-ups an hour, although he does not consider this a lot of exercise, proving that he is also very clueless.[5]

Despite his superficiality, Charlie is a sweet guy who has said that he dances to make others smile.[1]

Physical appearance


Charlie has curly, brown hair. He has tanned skin and brown eyes. Charlie is relatively muscular and has been deemed cute by Riley, Michelle, Stephanie, and Amanda. [5]


While dancing, Charlie wears shorts with a sleeveless shirt.

Charlie's street wear is very casual, usually consisting of a t-shirt and jeans.


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Season 1

Season 2


Group dances



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