Chippy's Pub (nicknamed Chip Butty by Eldon) is a pub in London, England.


Chippy's Pub is initially seen when West and Eldon drink tea in the premises after escaping the busking busting bobby.[1] It is seen yet again when West, Eldon, and James ravage it for Eldon's missing cellphone.[2]


Chippy's Pub is a dimly lit pub with the only lighting emanating from small lights that hang from the ceiling. It is constructed of dark brown wood. A colorful display stands behind a wooden bar, adjacent from a red sofa and a brown sofa where a small wooden table is. Behind this brown sofa is a door to a unisex bathroom. Chairs and tables are seen throughout the pub.



  • The pub forbids cellphone use.[2]


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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