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Chris is the co-owner of Superstar Dance Academy and the former head choreographer of The Next Step Dance Studio.


Before the show

Chris became a certified choreographer.

Chris helped make a music video for Brighter Brightest at an unknown time.[1]

In 2006, he became head choreographer at The Next Step Dance Studio.[2] He worked alongside Cathy, only to later work alongside her daughter, Kate.

Season 1

Chris assists A-Troupe with their routines for Absolute Dance Regionals. Chris, after realising that A-Troupe isn't getting along, drops a box of ping-pong balls in attempt to get A-Troupe to be friends again.

Season 2

Now marketable from The Next Step's win at Regionals, Chris is offered co-ownership of Superstar Dance Academy.[3] He accepts the offer, and tells Kate that he will be leaving.[3]

Chris gives Daniel the male solo for Nationals.[4] At Nationals, he greets Kate.[5]


Chris is an easy-going and fun guy. He has a strange signal he calls a "Dolphin Tail", which he uses to get the attention of the members of A-Troupe: he raises his right hand, calls out "Dolphin Tail!" and makes noises that resemble that of a dolphin. Whether Chris continues to use the "Dolphin Tail" at Superstar Dance Academy remains unknown.

He enjoys activities that exercise creativity and amusement and loves dance battles.[6]

Physical appearance

Chris has dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair. He is very tall.

He is often seen wearing a blue, green or red tracksuit in the studio setting. Otherwise, his wardrobe alternates between: jeans, a blue button down shirt, and a blue-and-white baseball jersey.



Main article: Katris

Kate and Chris are colleagues in Season 1. Although not much is shown of their relationship, it seems positive. He is hesitant to tell Kate that he is leaving the studio, indicating that he cares for her and will miss her.[3]




  • Chris does Kung-Fu.[7]
  • If Chris had to take three CDs to a deserted island, he would bring: Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, and Hilary Duff.[7]
  • Chris would rather be peanut butter than jelly or jam.[7]
  • One of Chris's favourite acro moves is an aerial.[7]
  • Chris thinks the best dancer at the studio is West.[7]


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