West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Noah alfie ytigc "An unfinished conversation deserves to be finished."

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Season 3

This has been bothering me all rehearsal. Something's not right here. Clearly, there's two separate teams, we're not a family yet, and there's no way we can win Internationals like that.

— to the rest of A-Troupe and Phoebe , "Your New Beginning"

This was a great exercise, if I do say so myself.

— "Your New Beginning"

Well, you seem very happy.

— to Riley , "Your New Beginning"

You won the lottery!

— to Riley , "Your New Beginning"

The hair! It's the hair.

— to Riley , "Your New Beginning"

Noah, you're a freak!

— "Put You First"

Time for some investigating.

— "Put You First"

I'm dancing in the finals on the Internationals stage. This is a childhood dream of mine!

— "How It Ends"

Season 4

I never imagined I'd be an Internationals winner, but The Next Step made my dreams come true. I can't wait to see what comes next.

— "One More Time"

This year, I wanna make a pact. [...] There was just so much fighting last year when we were on separate teams; I don't wanna do that again. Either we both make A-Troupe, or neither of us do.

— to Skylar , "Stir It Up"